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10 Alternative Ways To Keep Kids Entertained

Why is it, that keeping the kids entertained is so important? 

Putting it simply 

Entertained kids = Parent sanity

Okay, good point, it’s important, (VERY IMPORTANT!) so what can we do to keep them entertained?

To assist he modern parent we now have a few tech related tools at our disposal to help in the war to keep children entertained (thus not trashing the house, again). So in no particular order, we have the following techie treates,


Tablets (not of the paracetamol variety)

& of course, the mighty T.V.

These tools should only be used for an hour at a time (tut *roll eyes * “yeah right!”) however if Mum or Dad are honest they quite often extend this recommended time allocation. After all we lead very busy lives and cannot always be the performing clown. Because of these gadgets, keeping little ones entertained should be a lot easier, right?


It’s not that simple. Sometime taking the kids to the park relieves much pressure on us, the parent, unfortunately, the price we pay for living in such a beautiful green country, is the weather. More often than not it p*sses down. In turn this eradicates the “just take ’em to the park ” idea which normally lets the blow off steam.

Staying in can be okay but we’re back to gadgets. When the sound of Ryan’s toy review playing once more on your child’s tablet is slowly eroding your soul…. it’s definitely time for some action. 

Alternative ways to keep kids entertained (without gadgets!)

1.) Swimming… a pool.

Tires them out whilst fun is had. Remember £1 for the lockers and take shower gel. After the swim you can trick them into having a shower and they’ll want to because its a novelty.

Be careful at the exit however, a machine looking to extract ALL of your change offers delicious snacks that can ruin a fun day out.

Point in the opposite direction and hurry them past this obstacle.

free days out, feeding the ducks, 10 alternative ways,

2.) Feed the ducks

You will need to pop to your local park or reservoir for this excursion  (all right smart arse’s with an umbrella!) .

Remember to take bird seed, not bread, just in case the little birds have an intolerance to gluten.

3.) The Secret Zoo

Every town has one (you probably just didn’t realise!)

Pet shops.

If (when) my daughter kicks off on a shopping trip, I take her off to the nearest pet shop. Who doesn’t love looking at hamsters, fish and chinchillas all under one roof? Most, also have the added bonus off calming fish tanks and this will keep your child interested for a while.

Its free & fun, unless they talk you into buying three rats and a rabbit! Then it’s very expensive.

*Remember pets aren’t just for keeping kids entertained*

Before buying any pets, get them to prove to you that they can be responsible.

4.) Walks round the block

My daughter, bless her, loves going round the block. Sometimes on foot, sometimes via push bike, or even in an electric car (toy version *not sponsored *) or while walking our pet dog.

Stretch the legs and show your neighbours what new kit you’ve bought your child. I have personally never done this (apart from when Eliza first got her electric car) but it gives you the opportunity. 

driving, toddler,

5.) Playing games in the garden

This one is for the nice weather. Family favourites include, big brother booting a ball at his little sister, bit of crying and then me trying to boot it back at him.

Badminton, or that ball on a string game that normally involves a bloke getting a tennis ball to the groin, followed by an unfortunate step back into a low stupidly placed paddling pool.

Fun all the same and could get you £250 if a family member filmed it. YBF

Up until recently we had a trampoline. Great bit of kit for kids of all ages!

family fun, games,
fun games, badminton,

6.) Afternoon tea

Wait, not in a posh hotel but in a cafe like Kuni’s. We let the kids choose a drink and treat. Doesn’t cost the earth but we all really love it.

Our Kuni’s has a oversized minion,toys and life sized super heroes. Nice touch.

7.) Ikea / Meatballs

We haven’t been in ages but it is a great family day out, strangely.

With it’s family friendly restaurant, fun furnishings (which they’ll trash *makes a change*)  and most have a play area.

8.) Disney World 

That’s what they call the stores, right?

Quite a magical experience and all the staff are dressed in a funny (weird) uniform.

Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and all the characters await your visit. 

What little kid doesn’t dream of visiting Disney (store).

9.) Living room disco

Turn the lights off and pump out those tunes.

A firm fav in our household. Kids can go mad for a short time and not get told off!

This is where the Dad dancing comes out in force, plus it looks much better in the dark.

No one can film it! *wink!*

(This makes use of a gadget but not the brain rotting sort!)

10.) Building a den

Boxes, blankets and chairs are all you need here. While parental creativity is flowing through your veins try making other things out of boxes (no a box doesn’t count).

My daughter made a guitar out of boxes? Don’t ask me how, she just came home from school with it.  It is a small, village school which is either making cut backs or it was purposely crafted in art class.

box guitar,

Do you get me?

So that’s our ideas for keeping the kids busy that don’t cost the earth. I’d live to hear of your own ideas.

P.S Use the money saved from carrying out the ideas in this blog to take a look at our day out map, which (one doesn’t want to blow ones own trumpet, but…) has been a triumph! Spend wisely, friends!

Thanks for bearing with me and well done if you made it to the end. 


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