10 Ways to enjoy a fun family weekend at Ironbridge Gorge

 Travelling within the UK is definitely the way forward.

We love visiting as many locations as possible across Great Britain and are very rarely dissatisfied with what we find. After all we live in a country that boasts beautiful, rolling countryside, quaint little villages, unusual towns, monstrous cities and in amongst all of that a wide mix of cultures reside.

I mean, WOW!

So once again we set off to see what we could find and on this occasion our destination of choice was Blists Hill and the Ironbridge Gorge.

We were kindly invited along to review as many museum’s as humanly possible and that was no easy task, I’ll tell ya.

Even over a two day period we still only managed Blists Hill, Enginuity, Museum of Iron and Gorge Museum.

That still leaves 6 museum’s that we didn’t get to!

You need to give yourselves plenty of time to browse and take it all in.

A weekend maybe? Or get yourselves an annual pass, then you can visit at your leisure throughout the year!

100 Years in the past?

Our first stop took us back in time. Blists hill is teaming with charm and character straight from the Victorian era. In most areas, actors are hard at work making the whole experience feel real. 

Among those actors you may find;

a Blacksmith

a Doctor



Candle maker

Horsey person

& Bankers

Sweet shop,Victorian town,
Victorian town,

Kids love getting some money and changing it in the bank for old currency (This actually incorporates learning into the mix). Once you have fully loaded, excited children let them run freeeeeee! 

The sweet shop is a great experience, this is where I would like to work (if i had the choice).


Q.) What are the 10 ways that we enjoyed Ironbridge Gorge?

A.) The 10 different experiences that await you there!

Mothers Day offer,

Free admission to Ironbridge Gorge Museums for mothers on Mothering Sunday 11th March 2018

The Ironbridge Gorge Museums are inviting mums to enjoy a day out as their guest on Mothering Sunday, 11th March, when accompanied by another full-paying visitor. This free entry offer includes Blists Hill Victorian Town, Coalport China Museum, Jackfield Tile Museum, Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron, Museum of The Gorge and Enginuity.

Afterward we popped to see the Ironbridge gorge.

Keep your parking ticket from Blists hill which you can use at other museum car parks just be careful which one you park in. Some are private. Ironbridge was covered up having work completed when we visited it. 

The scaffolding is being put up as part of a £1.2 million restoration project on the bridge, the largest ever undertaken by English Heritage.

The Iron Bridge was the first single-span arch bridge in the world to be made of cast iron and was a turning point in engineering.

However it is suffering due to stresses in the ironwork dating from the original construction, ground movement over the centuries and an earthquake at the end of the 19th century.

We took a walk along the river Severn and found this beautifully painted pebble. It had a message on it and it was from Towcester! That is very close to where we live! Golly gosh!

After a good look around the town we headed to our resting place for the evening. 

Hadley Hotel

We stayed at a 4 star hotel, 9 miles from the action. It was easy to get to and easy to park at.

On arrival we were made to feel very welcome. Booking in took a few moments and we were kindly shown to our room. 

Hadley hotel is a short drive from Ironbridge.

The food is exceptional and the restaurant is situated in a very nice looking room. On the night of our visit a charity ball was on and a wedding show the following day.It’s nice to see lots of different things happening.

Hadley offers a unique place for all types of functions.

After a delicious meal, I lay down and melted into the mattress. I can safely say I had a dreamy nights sleep.

P.S The shower was like a hot waterfall that left me feeling revitalised. Problem is you don’t want to get out!

Day 2 : Museums here we come

We needed the 2 days just to get  good look around.

Please watch this short video to see what sort of things we got up to. 

Days Out Rating:

Blists Hill – 9 / 10

Ironbridge Gorge – 8 / 10

Enginuity 9 / 10


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