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Hamerton Zoo – Clothing Choices & Prime Ministers

We were kindly invited along to spend a day at Hamerton Wildlife park and when the weather finally turned good we pulled on safari clothes and set off. Set in the beautiful countryside, Hamerton is a proper little hidden gem. On arrival we were handed a helpful booklet (which included […]

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10 Alternative Ways To Keep Kids Entertained

Why is it, that keeping the kids entertained is so important?¬† Putting it simply¬† Entertained kids = Parent sanity Okay, good point, it’s important, (VERY IMPORTANT!) so what can we do to keep them entertained? To assist he modern parent we now have a few tech related tools at our […]

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Top 15 Blogger Day Out Ideas – Near Me

Who can you ask when it comes to recommendation for a perfect family day out? Mum? Dad? Friends / Family? Milkman? Google? All of these are good but I personally think, to get a good honest view, ask a blogger. It’s our duty to you, the reader, to bring honest, […]

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mommywhoblogs Potty Training Made Easy?

  My children have gone through potty training. Anyone else that has endured it knows only to well how much fun it can be. My son could have done with this product, alas, it was unavailable 11 years ago (at least I think so). He practised weeing by going into […]