Around The UK in 80 Days Out

Everyone loves a challenge, right?

Well I decided to challenge myself. After all, you should every once in a while….shouldn’t you?

So it began, “Around the UK in 80 Days out”. Basically, I need to visit 80 different day out locations in the UK in just 1 year.

Parks, swimming pools, theme parks, national trust properties, zoos…you get it.

around the uk in 80 days out,

80 Days Out
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Would this turn my world upside down? Would I live to regret taking on such an obscene challenge? 

Well my friends, only time will tell. So I will start….below are my days out of 2019.

Let’s see if we get anywhere near 80!

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Cineworld - Aquaman

(Day Out 1) - 3rd Jan 2019 Cineworld to see Aquaman! Awesome movie!

Bowling at Tenpin

(Day Out 2) - Also 3rd Jan Bowling at Tenpin with food (was terrible). Stick to bowling me thinks!

Stowe Gardens - National Trust

(Day Out 3) - 6th Jan Stowe Gardens - National Trust   Please read my facebook post covering this day out.

Aylesbury Vale Swimming Pool

(Day Out 4) - 13th Jan Aylesbury Vale swimming pool. Wow what a place!

Natural History Museum - Tring

(Day Out 5) 13th Jan National History Museum Tring 

Hatton Country World

(Day Out 6) - 19th Jan Hatton Country World - Read my Facebook post.

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