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Best Christmas Songs – Top Family Picks

Amazing Christmas songs New & Old

christmas tree, rock n roll,
merry christmas, santa claus, snowman,
all i want for christmas, perfect days out,

Some people hate Christmas songs, they see them as repetitive, annoying noise (I understand this if you work in a supermarket).

However for those of you that love the festive, bundles of creativity here is a blog for you. It’s always nice to hear something fresh and new, right?

We are going to list the Lawson’s personal favourites below. 

Helen ~ my wife born late 70's


Who doesn’t love the Snowman?

Magical animation and a must watch every Christmas time in our household.

It was actually a tie between this and Paul McCartneys – Wonderful Christmas time. Hard luck Paul, you just missed out.

Darren ~ myself born early 80's

Love it! 

It’s upbeat, it’s very memorable and I think it’s a modern classic. I guarantee that this will be around for the long haul!

The video is fun and features 

Henry Winkler “Fonzie”, 

Caleb McLaughlin,

the kid from Stranger things along with  

JB Smooth 

as Santa. Amazing and my new xmas favourite!

Grace ~ my Daughter born late 90's


Not really a very imaginative choice here, classic, yeah sure but I was hoping for more of a special, more modern song. 

She probably couldn’t be bothered to choose one so just picked the one that stuck out in her head the most. 

Back to your i phone then Grace!

George ~ my son born early 00's

Random choice here from the boy.

Very catchy, festive track here. This is another song that can be listened to again and again. 

 hark now hear the angels sing a new king born today and man will live forevermore because of christmas day

Eliza ~ my youngest born mid 10's


Found be accident actually whilst tube browsing, really nice, heart warming performance from the kids in this music video. 

Michael Bublé is a top performer!

Eliza has watched this 10 + times in a single week.

Others to look out for

I appreciate that there are hundreds of A-MAZE-ING festive delights but these are our favourites. 


Please share yours with us. 

Don’t be shy. Happy Christmas!

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