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Can’t afford Bitcoin? Try this Cryptocurrency before it gets too big!

This is the first, ever time that I have written a post about a cryptocurrency. I won’t lie to you, I know nothing about it (technically) but will pass on to you, what little I do know.

You’ve heard of #bitcoin, right?

What about JSE Coin?


No, neither had I until a few weeks ago. Basically after signing up for FREE, you get a small amount of JSE coin just for signing up and you can immediately start to mine.

By this I don’t mean dig, dig, dig like minecraft to find unusual, precious items. No, I mean that you click on the start mining   button and hey presto! To easy? At the moment it is very easy to mine JSE coin but as it gets more popular it will get much more difficult to find.

jse coin, mining, minecraft,

If you are intersted, click here!

What is mining?

mining, bit coin, cryptocurrency,

Mining involves you having the JSE website open on your browser and it somehow uses the power of your computer to mine coins? That is platform mining but you can also use your own website to get visitors to mine for you. This replaces adverts (which just piss people off) and makes more revenue for your site. 

More visitors means more JSE coin, more money!

Sounds weird but it works.

Join now

If you cannot afford to invest money then just mine for coins, which is free. If you have a website you can use the power of that site and its visitors to earn you even more!

Click on any highlighted link to visit the JSE website and this gives me a referral reward of 3.5 JSE coin.



Once signed up, you can also earn extra coin by getting referrals and just by sharing it to your social media channels. 

You can earn approx 0.5 JSE coin per day by leaving your computer / laptop running all day.

One day soon (if your patient) these coins could be worth £500 – £1,000 or more? Get in while it’s still free and easy to earn!


Use Google Chrome for mining as it supports Java script the best and for me brings in a lot of hashes?!?


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