An MP has called for a complete BAN on all bouncy castles and inflatables in all public areas after a child tragically died. 

Although we agree that tragedies such as this cannot happen ever again, will a ban really help? 

Please let us know what your thoughts are.

Sadly a 3 year old girl died after being thrown from an inflatable in Norfolk last Sunday.

This has unfortunately happened in the past after a 7 year old girl died back in 2016 in Harlow.  

On that occasion the inflatable broke free in high winds and caused mayhem.

As a result, an MP has called for an “Urgent investigation” into the regulations regarding inflatables.

Is this just over protection or has MP Halfon got a valid point?

He told the BBC that,

“There should be a temporary ban on bouncy castles and inflatables in public areas until we can ensure they are safe!”

“You cannot risk a tragedy like this happening again.”

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