Bringing FUN back to Bath time – Baby Born Toy Review

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My youngest has a tray, overflowing with toys for bath time fun. Dolls, fun containers, plastic watering cans, robo fish and bath crayons.

So how can I possibly make bath time any more enjoyable?

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Baby Born to the rescue

Both my daughters have had Baby Annabel dolls in the past but never Baby Born. 

Well Zapf creations kindly offered us products to review.

After unwrapping and removing the bath from the box (Felt a bit like Christmas), we all agreed that it looked great, it features sounds which is a bonus. 

Eliza loved it!

It has some great interactive features,

by pumping a button the shower head actually spurts out water which Eliza was amazed by,

another button adds realism to bath time by adding a flow of bubbles from a hole when pushed,

music and LED lights adds excitement to bath time,

a useful tidy, keep everything together &  neat

you also get a cute little rubber duck!! *QUACK*

The bath and Baby born are of great quality and I can see this doll becoming your child’s new special friend.

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Zapf have been creating amazing dolls and accessories for 85 years! Amazing company and a real winner when it comes to creative doll design ideas and fun accessories.

Days Out Now Rating out of 5

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