British Motor Museum

British Motor Museum – Jaguar Land Rover – Gaydon Warwickshire


It’s the DON here, with another review!! WOOP WOOP!!

Let’s start by being brutally honest. My 6 year old daughter knows more about cars and vehicles than I do. I talk about cars by naming their colour and size.

Not by reeling off lists of engine sizes, makes, models and miles to the gallon.

I couldn’t give a flying **BEEP** about all that.

So how would I fare at an attraction that houses the World’s largest collection of British vehicles?? Only one way to find out isn’t there?!

British Motor Museum
flags are flying

We parked up in the (MASSIVE) car park, strategically. making sure we were as far away from the entrance as possible (we drive a Vauxhall Astra… wow I know 1 car type) and trotted along to the main entrance.

There are two main buildings here. The museum and a car collection (I thought this was something to do with people collecting cars form site?!).

Upon entering you fell like you’re walking into a library,  all’s so quiet.


There is a sense of calm, tranquillity…well, apart from the girl behind the counter popping bubble wrap (looked fun!!).

Ticket prices- Any Savings?

You must check online to keep up to date with prices. The box to your left (can’t tell left from right? See below!) shows the prices as of Feb 2019.

Sorry that’s on the right isn’t it.

Must admit, the prices aren’t too bad, especially if you LOVE cars!


If you buy tickets, you gain free entry for the rest of the year.


Things for Children to do

There are some DAMN expensive cars here, so unless you want a bill of £385,000 you need to keep the little treasures under control.

Luckily the motor museum assists parents here.

When we visited there was a fact sheet to fill in that asks you to search out the fastest car from all the different zones.

I felt (and looked) like Richard O’Brien from the original Crystal maze series (not because of his slender build but because of his baldness) running around like a mad man trying to find this elusive speedy car.

There was an area with large lego blocks for building whatever your imagination allows and a table packed with arts and craft type things. WINNER!

P.S if you find the fast car (which we did) you win a prize.

So... what can you see here?

Rather than little old non-petrol headed me waffling on, take a look for yourself!

thunderbirds are go
you plonkler rodney

Famous cars

“Rodney, you plonker!”

older than your great grandma

Old cars…like VERY old!


Fast cars

Just look at that yellow one!

pigs head
lego mr beans' car

Other vehicles

On the lef…..wait… right there is Lego Mr Bean’s mini!

My favourite subject...FOOD!

I’m not festively plump all year round for no reason, you know.

I love my food & drink and was very pleased to discover the aptly named “Junction 12” cafe here. 

It has delicious healthy looking food, not so healthy cakes and treats and the coffee from a serve yourself machine was awesome (once I had discovered that the machine I was trying to get a brew from was switched off and being shown to the one that actually dispensed coffee!).

Visitor Map

visitor map

It really is an impressive building with a HUGE amount of vehicles on display.

Before you leave (not this blog, I mean the museum) make sure you pop into the Collection centre, just don’t be disappointed that you can’t drive off in a brand new jag. It is a “Collection” of…you guessed it…more cars!


I still don’t know the difference between a carburettor and a spark plug but I now know what colour car is the fastest!

I hope this review proves that you don’t HAVE to be a motor mad car whizz to have a great time. 

Take a look one day, not just for the coffee and cake but to, breathe in deeply and appreciate the proud history of BRITISH MOTORS!!

how to find them

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