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From toys to child friendly food we review a host of products.

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Real proof that Santa is REAL!

Christmas is magical. Christmas brings us nice food & drink. It brings families together. The possibility of snow? Father Christmas……. But how can YOU prove that he has really visited? Now we all know that Father Christmas eats the treat that we leave for him and drinks the delicious beverage […]


Bringing FUN back to Bath time – Baby Born Toy Review

CAN A DOLL REALLY ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO HAVE FUN IN THE BATH? Let me tell you one of my parenting secret weapons… the BATH. However my youngest rarely has one, instead she tends to enjoy a shower or shower bath as she calls it (Don’t ask). How can they […]

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Can’t afford Bitcoin? Try this Cryptocurrency before it gets too big!

This is the first, ever time that I have written a post about a cryptocurrency. I won’t lie to you, I know nothing about it (technically) but will pass on to you, what little I do know. You’ve heard of #bitcoin, right? What about JSE Coin? No, neither had I […]

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The Easy way to budget for Christmas – Spread the cost

Useless at saving money? SO AM I. Always have been. Ever since I earned money, shortly after pay day I would have spent it. My wife spotted a way to combat this issue, a way to spread the cost of Christmas. Sound good? After all, you should be enjoying yourself […]

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Top 10 Family Halloween Movies

  When it comes to Halloween movies, it always seems to be difficult to find a decent list of the best ones. I’m referring to family movies not mess your head up horrors here! So, below is my family favourites and a brief description of them. I would love to […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Going Back to School (The Easy Way)

  Simple Routine Getting back into the swing of school life isn’t just about the actual day of return….no sir. It’s also about the run up to the big day. I say BIG day because most parents are DESPERATE for their kids to get back to school. Preparation is key […]

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Varta Product Review – Let there be light!

  How Varta saved my life! Imagine the music that is played in a movie, when the lead actor is hanging perilously on the edge of a mountain. A sheer drop below them, the possibility of death a real threat. Well, just pretend that that music is playing now. For […]