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I Challenged the traditional bedtime routine – PARENTS MUST READ THIS!

Dad's Alternative bedtime routine

Does your child say “Goodnight, love you.” and take themselves to bed without appearing again that evening?


Then you are one of the the lucky few, the 1 in 1,000,000 – now, my advice? Go play the lottery.

For everyone else, I’m guessing you picked no? If not then I don’t know what to say. You need to pick yes or no really.

Ok, No?

Hard luck, however you are ( I believe ) the unfortunate majority. Parents that get no peace. Parents that get stressed because their child picks night time to wake up and become play time. 


What springs to mind when someone mentions;


Bath & Bed?

A Story?

Milk & Cookies ?

Shouting “GO TO BED!!”?

Kiss & Cuddle?


Very predictable. Scrap all of that and try my new idea. A Dad’s winning bedtime routine (Not proven and of my own opinion only).

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The Big Reveal

My daughter Eliza loves drawing. In fact she loves drawing so much that she likes to show off these skills on a regular basis.

She does this by drawing on;


important paperwork

new furniture


older brothers school books

& herself  of course, which is her version of tattoos ( I hope this doesn’t give her any ideas for the future )   


So one night, while putting her to bed, I asked her to pick a story to read and saw this unusual book. A strange but intriguing book. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as if it were pulling me in like a tractor beam. 

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After flicking through a few pages, I realised that she really, really, really loved drawing and was pretty bloody good.

I remember drawing all the time as a child. In fact, my Geography book had so many drawings in the back of it that they overtook the work I was doing. 

“So why not draw with her before bed instead of reading?” I thought.

She loved it. 

Eliza tells me what to draw and then she try’s to replicate it. Brilliant!

Here are some examples.

Oi………………………..Shut Up


She’s only five!

This is just an idea people.

If you don’t like it, then stuff off!

This is just a different way to put children up to bed, a way that I think really involves parent and child.

I’m not saying give up on stories, throw away your Hungry Caterpillar book, your Mog story, or your David Walliams books, no. Just give drawing a go. 



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Good night  x


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