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What to do when your Child buys something online “Accidentally”

An Unwanted Gift from Ebay...

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We all let our children use our devices to play on games and look at Youtube videos, don’t we? Be careful though, we just never thought anything like this would happen.

If you leave children unsupervised on devices they can cause serious problems for you. 

We found out the hard way………

One Saturday morning we received an e-mail stating that our order had been dispatched.

What order? I thought. Dispatched from where?

Someone (my 5 year old daughter) had bought 2 cute baby dolls from a business seller on eBay for £169!!

£169 bloody pounds!!

For these?!

Wait….how did our story end?  I’ll tell you at the end of this blog.

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Big Trouble in our Little World

I can tell you that all hell broke loose in our household.

There were tears, shouting, more tears and a lot of upset.

If you are unfortunate enough for something like this to happen to you then we can offer sound advice to get your money back.


1) Try and cancel the transaction with the seller. Once the item is marked as dispatched you need to message them directly.

2) Ring your bank and ask if they can cancel the payment

3) Contact PayPal and they will talk you through the process that you will need to take.

What are your rights?

Your rights If the item is purchased through a registered business seller you have up to 14 days to return the item once it arrives.

If the payment was made through PayPal you are protected just like a credit card.

What do you do next?


Moving forward, protect your devices and remove the possibility that your child can accidentally purchase something behind your back.

Lock tablets and phones with secure pins and that swipey thing that all devices now seem to offer. Also remove the quick pay option and select do not remember password option.

Unfortunately our overpriced dolls were bought from a seller based in Israel. 😢

We messaged them many times and never received a response. Instead they marked the item as dispatched which makes things difficult.

However, after contacting PayPal we got another email that same evening stating that PayPal has decided to go in our favour and were giving us our money back.

Thank goodness!

Make sure your story ends well and don’t give up!


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