We have visited Santa in Lapland to get the inside gossip on this years best value stocking fillers. I mean stocking fillers that will leave you gobsmacked at how reasonably priced they are. You’ll be snigering to yourself on Christmas morn, sitting with a smug look upon your face knowing that you have saved yourself money and impressed the little ones with your frugal purchases. 

So Let Us Begin

Harry Potter

Harry Potter-Inspired Wand - 5 Designs! £4.99

With five different designs! Each wand is approx. 34cm in length. Made from resin and PVC. Make magic happen!

150g Kids Green 'Ooze' Bath Slime £2.99

Changes water into magical gooey slime and back again. Gentle on skin with no harmful chemicals. Just add more water to dilute and safely drain away. Non-irritant, non-staining and environmentally friendly

Dinosaur Skeleton Excavation Kit £4.99

Uncover the past with a dinosaur skeleton excavation kit! Contents include a brush, small hammer, scraping knife and faux rock with hidden plastic bones. Use tools to carefully dig out skeleton. Uncover a hidden dinosaur!


Growing Dino in Volcano £3.99

Get a growing dino egg in volcano. Simply place the volcano egg in water. And watch on in amazement as the dinosaur hatches and grows. Once hatched, put the dinosaur into a larger container and watch it grow more. A great gift for any dino-fanatic.


Juggle Bubble Game! £3.99

Get a Juggle Bubble kit! Juggle, bounce and catch real bubbles! 118.29ml of non-pop bubble solution! Includes 1 pair of ‘magic’ gloves! And a bubble tray and bubble blower! Hours of family fun!

Christmas book

Kids’ Personalised Christmas Storybook - Soft or Hard Cover!

Treat your little one this year with a personalised Christmas story book. Name the main character after your sprog and see their surprise. Choose hardback or softback cover. Colourful, fully illustrated book. With 12 fabulously festive titles for you to choose from. Bring their bedtime stories to life with a special dose of Christmas cheer!

Pack of 4 Unicorn Hatching Eggs £8

Get four magic unicorn-hatching eggs! Submerge your egg in water and watch as your unicorns hatch! Within 12-24 hours you can expect the transformation to begin. Watch your Unicorn will hatch and grow! Comes in blue, green or pink

We hope you liked our selection of finds, what sort of thing have you got in mind for your child? 

We hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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