Day out at West Lodge Farm – Northamptonshire

We were kindly given tickets by the farm to visit and write a blog review. So, here goes.

On arrival we were met by a large queue of people standing out in the cold, must be busy I thought!  The girl behind the till didn’t tell us anything about what was going on, didn’t ask if we wanted any food to give to the animals or anything!

To be honest we were all disappointed, after all first impressions count.

What's for lunch?

We had arrived quite late (12.30) so decided to have lunch first. The food was okay but for the kids (which is the most important thing) the lunches weren’t good. To be fair it is always the same at places like this. Kids seem to get low quality grub because it makes the owners more profit. Warwick Castle and Gullivers are the same. I want my child to eat healthily.

My wife picked up two pieces of fruit that were rotten and handed them to the staff. There should be a large selection of fresh fruit for children to pick from.

We found the coffee to be quite expensive @ £2.65 which gets you a small coffee. For an extra 50p you get a larger coffee but that works out at £6.40 for two coffees. M & S don’t even charge those sort of prices. 

Activities at the farm

After lunch we walked around for a look about. There is plenty of activities on here at West Lodge Farm.

Tractor rides, pony rides, pig racing, pumpkin carving, a scary trail, nice walks, large outdoor playground and lots more animals.

I think West Lodge should let the kids be more interactive with the animals. At Rookery Farm for example, Eliza can spend hours in with the goats and rabbits just petting them.

giant rabbit,
Lazy pig, animals, farm,

So, I’m afraid West Lodge hadn’t impressed us so far.

I suggested going into the new indoor play area, so we made our way over to the large new building. Inside, works were still going on, as it had just opened and all I can say is


What an amazing place for the kids to run around in. This was West Lodge Farms saving Grace. Definitely worth visiting just for this and I feel with a few alterations / tweaks it could be an immense place to visit.

With a better entrance into the farm and more interactive animal areas I think West Lodge would be a winner!

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