Disney On Ice

Disney on Ice – A Magical Show

How To Get There

On arrival at Birmingham International, head towards the exit and look for signs to the NEC.

It takes 10 minutes or so to make your way to the NEC, then, make your way to the Resorts arena.

There are plenty of toilets dotted about and opposite the arena is a huge shopping complex with lots of restaurants and shops, obviously.

Tip alert: Arrive nice and early. People were still getting seated even once the show had actually started. Don’t spoil it for everyone, get there early guys!

Inside the Resorts arena, you can grab food, drinks, Disney merch or stop for a quick wee AGAIN!

Tip alert: The main toilets were very busy. Head towards the stage and there are loads of quiet toilets to choose from.

Before The Show Starts..

On your ticket you will see an area and seat numbers. Head to the area, for us it was lower block 9, and the helpful staff will guide you to your seat.

One more thing before I talk about the show, I must tell you about this. There actually is a dress code. As Disney is a family orientated brand they ask that you don’t show to much flesh and wear smart attire, no ripped jeans.

Lucky I didn’t wear my arseless chaps!

I was wearing jeans and a jumper, so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

The Wait Is Over

There was a countdown to the show, “Show starts in 5 mins!” & a short bit of great entertainment before the show kicked off.

Tip alert: If your child doesn’t like loudness, take some ear defence. It can be noisy once the show starts.

So, what did we make of the show. 


Amazing sets

Awesome music

Stunning costumes


All of your favourite Disney characters and lots of fun.

Take a look at some of my favourite bits.

Disney on ice

This show featured,



Snow White

Lion King

Finding Nemo

Toy Story

& lots more. 

Whether you love to get up and dance, enjoy singing or (like me) just want to sit and watch, there is something for everyone.

This would make a great birthday treat for any Disney fans out there.

We were kindly invited by Disney to review this show.

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