Enjoy A Free Day Out At Ryton Pools

We were looking for a nice, cheap day out locally. So after quickly consulting my fun day out map (wink), we decided that Ryton pools was the place to go..HOORAY!!

There is plenty of parking on site, so when it gets really busy you’ll be fine. Make sure you pay and display, it’s £3.50 for the whole day.

Huge fish, ryton pools,

We set off on a nice walk firstly, arriving at a large reservoir with huge fish and ducks that you can feed (feed available in the shop/information office near the first park on your way in).

Sorry about the finger in the image, Eliza took this shot and nearly dropped the phone in the water!

If you want to give the kids something extra to keep them entertained during the walk it’s probably best to go to the info office to pick up a fact finding sheet.

A local legendary tale speaks of a GIGANTIC Dragonfly that nests here but we doubted that we would actually see one (keep reading to see if we did find one, unlikely I know).

The walk round the reservoir is nice, fishermen sit around the edges of the water, benches are dotted about offering beautiful, scenic resting places.

ryton pools

Then, out of nowhere appeared a playground with a


slide that kids were literally queuing up for. Eliza didn’t want a go on the slide so went on the climbing wall instead. I helped her get to grips and climb to the top.

Eliza nearly got run over by an ice cream truck (long story), then we headed back to our picnic, which was safely packed in the back of our motor.

Eliza started whining, about wanting an ice cream, then that she was thirsty and then tired (Rolling eyes – Tut – Kids eh!).

We stopped for lunch, on one of the many picnic benches, the kids had a kick about, then we made our way to the main play park near the entrance. The train wasn’t running and if you want to catch it, it only runs Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.

We approached the park, all happy and innocently, when suddenly “Thwapp thwapp thwapp!” we heard something that sounded just like a Chinook helicopter overhead.

“OH MY GOD!” I SCREAMED looking. We were face to face with a HUGE DRAGONFLY.

The legend was true.

I was mesmerised. How can this even be real? A gigantic Dragon fly landed on a nearby tree and perched menacingly, starring at us.

giant dragonfly, legend,

Okay, okay…..I know.

It wasn’t actually that big was it!

After listening to Eliza whining earlier about an ice cream, we now had to buy one. We only had £3 so I got them blue ice lollies for £1.50 each. The result was quite funny. Kids love making their tongues look different colours. 

After seeing the map of the place, I spotted a woodland that I’d never seen before. We headed straight for it.

When we got to the woodland, a sign read adults by permission only. We were given permission, (thankfully) to enter the children’s woodland and it was a perfect place. Nice and cool in the shade of the trees, den building, logs to climb on, sand pit. 

Eliza spent ages, brushing and preparing the floor. Carefully selected logs for the walls and lifted them into place.

George booted our football which rebounded off a tree and flew over the tall willow fence panels and into loads of nettles and brambles. Oh goodness.

I forced him to go round and get it out.

Round Up

Ryton has plenty of picnic benches, loads of bins, a free outside drinking tap inc dog bowl (nice to see they think of our 4 legged friends).

Meet friends here, have birthday parties, picnics, Sunday strolls, family time or whatever you want!!

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