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Fairy Kitchen Garden – Grow Your Own Fairy

 Eliza was super excited to receive a fairy garden to try out and here is our review! #AD

I had to go out and do boring adult stuff (food shopping, NO!!) so I left Eliza and her older brother to put this together.

When I got back, tired and bewildered I was horrified at what they had done.

YES, the correct soil was used and YES the fence was put up correctly but the seeds were scattered randomly about and the poor fairy lay on her back looking rather bemused.

It looked like there had been an earthquake and the fairy garden had slipped into a vast chasm as the roof of fairies cottage was just poking up above the fence line.

fairy garden

I mean, come on!

I rolled up my sleeves and took over.

We added more soil, filling it to just under the bottom of the picket fence and planted the seeds to see what they would grow into.

But wait!

“Where’s the fairy?” I asked Eliza.

She started laughing. “No, seriously…” After all you cant have a fairy garden without a fairy, can you!

fairy kitchen garden

It transpires that she had buried the poor mythical creature underneath the soil hoping that she would blossom and grow into a real fairy.

Cute i guess.

Instead I imagined a ZOMBIE fairy crawling up from the earth snarling…looking for food?

No, just me then.

This garden actually grows real food, brilliant to teach kids about where food comes from.

  • Grow delicious pea shoots you can really harvest and eat!
  • This adorable Fairy Kitchen Garden will fit perfectly on your kitchen windowsill
  • Fairy Fenn has jointed legs to allow her to sit on the fence, kneel on the ground or just fly around!
  • Your Fairy Kitchen Garden comes with a pack of pea shoot seeds, which are easy to grow and delicious!
  • See the instructions booklet for growing tips and ideas for recipes!

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