Fantastic Free Day Out – Stanwick Lakes Gets The Gold Medal

Where can you find THE Perfect FREE Day Out?

Somewhere that contains bucket loads of Imagination?

Let me tell you......

Stanwick lakes in Wellingborough offers so much for you and your family.

We heard about this, in effect, through Chinese whispers. Almost a legend in these parts as people divulged in the amazing things that await you at Stanwick.

Can’t all be true though, can it?

If you do check Stanwick Lakes out, you WILL NOT be disappointed! That’s a Days Out Now guarantee (Subject to terms & conditions).

There is alot of parking on site however get there as early as possible to get a perfect parking spot. It only costs £5.50 to park all day and this is paid before you exit the park.

When you get there, right in front of you is a HUGE wooden adventure playground with slides, rope ladders, steps and climbing platforms. I would have loved this as a kid, great fun and would have kept me busy for hours!

To the left of this area is a massive sand pit with wooden climbing poles sunk into the sand.

There is a grounded ship in the sand, which appears to have been washed ashore. Get your child to stand on deck and steer you to safety!

Your child’s imagination is a magical thing and places like Stanwick let that side of them loose.

Enjoy it.

free days out,

If you want more….

Further on from here you can hire bikes which cost around £10 per bike, per hour or something along those lines. Please check the website for the most up to date cost information.

For more info click HERE


There are toilets in the Discovery zone and behind the playgrounds and also close by is an ice cream shop.


It’s definatly setup for you to take your own picnic or even a tasty BBQ. There is an area set aside with built in BBQ’s for anyone to use. If you had your whole family visiting, take them and enjoy a delicious BBQ.

You are welcome to bring your own food. 

So you can hire bikes or boats. I’m not sure if you can get boats all year round. We didn’t personally hire a boat but I can imagine it would be a great laugh! We did get bikes and rode round and explored.

Further on is an assault course!

This is aimed at the older children and Grown up kids!! Maybe eight years and older? Kids are advised to wait their turn to climb up the first section which is quite narrow but then you slide down and get to huge rope nets to climb and valleys to jump over! Brilliant fun and tires them out a treat, perfect!

Fantastic walks with loads to look at and if we could, we would visit all the time! It takes us about an hour to get to it so only go occasionally. As you enter Stanwick, to your left, the Discovery centre which I mentioned earlier has a coffee shop in it that sell sandwiches and sausage rolls if you don’t want to take your own food. There is also a gift shop and more toilets.


As you know, kids and sand are a dream combination, like spaghetti and meat balls!

Close to the sand play area is a water feature, so take buckets for them to fill up and mess around with. These are available to buy in the gift shop but if you already have them at home, take them! Take wellies if you want them to stay dry but if it’s nice weather they’ll dry out quickly.



Here's the final scores on the board...

Days Out Nows

Rating: 9 / 10

I can tell you that my kids, for one love it. It does get very busy but with all great places you know that normally it will be packed! After all you wouldn’t eat in a quiet restaurant would you?

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