Paint - Hide = Happiness

Can you imagine, the excitement that pirates and treasure hunters would have felt upon discovering a hoard of untold wealth? Deep in a jungle or on a deserted island in the Caribbean?

Risking their lives to find,





& Diamonds…..

Well, I’m here to tell you all about a modern way to recreate that excitement and you don’t need a crew and ship to do it!

My story begins on a Winters day at the Iron bridge gorge near Telford, Shropshire. We had visited Blists Hill Victorian Town and to finish off our day out we decided to head to the Iron Bridge (It is a World Heritage site after all.).

The bridge was under maintenance and there wasn’t too much to look at so we headed along the River Severn for a stroll.

After a short walk, we came to some steps leading back up to the town and it’s wonderful shops. Suddenly there was a shout! 


“Mummy, look!” cried one of the children.

spread happiness, painted rocks,
message in a bottle, painted stones,

Jenson (our Nephew) ran over to a strange stone. It was beautifully painted and finished with great care. On the reverse, a message read;


This was crazy. Towcester is very close to where we all live and the kids were overjoyed! 

Jenson took the rock home and I believe he re hid it. This was our 1st ever experience with this painted rock phenomenon and I liked it. I had seen a post about this a year prior to finding the stone which I shared to my facebook audience but never thought that it would become such a massive craze.

painted treasure, co-op

Our 2nd experience came when we were shopping in a local Co-Op. Sitting on a shelf on the sweets aisle was a black painted rock with multicoloured spots. This time a small note was taped to the rock. 

The note simply read;



It had happened again. We were due to visit Brighton for the Bank Holiday weekend and so I suggested talking it with us.

I felt a bit like a shop lifter smuggling the rock into my pocket but it had to be done. We did remember to take the stone with us and we did leave it in Brighton. What a wonderful idea.

If you ever find that black stone in Brighton please let me know!

What you need to take part

a.) A Stone

b.) Paint

Yes it really is that simple.


Pick your design, let your children decorate their own and hide them where ever you want. This is all about letting your creative side yell out.  

We would love to see your amazing creations and also you finds. Comment below if you have ever found a painted stone or share it on our social media platforms. 

Get treasure hunting and have fun!

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