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Fuzzikins Babies Colourful Review – Fuzzy Messy Fun

This is the only time you will hear me speak these 7 words,

“It’s okay to colour in the Baby!”. 

If you are thinking, “OH MY GOODNESS! What’s he talking about?”.

I’m talking about Fuzzikins, Fuzzi babies, not any old baby. These my friends, are very safe to colour in. 

 After all, kids love to colour in.

Kids favourite things to colour in range from, books, apps on the tablet, your antique furniture or your freshly decorated walls.

They like to leave their mark!

To assist parents nationwide, interplay have come up with an ingenious colouring in toy.

So keep them busy, keep them away from anything they shouldn’t be colouring in and buy them a Fuzzikin. 

line up
what you get for £5

From just £5 (which I personally think is very reasonable) you get your fuzzy mits on the following 

A Baby Fuzzikin (obviously)

a Fuzzikin teddy,

a bed (they really thought of everything here),




Once the lids to these pens are removed you  unleash your little ones artistic flair (or stop them from colouring in the dog).

colour in the dog

Personalise your Fuzzikin, colour in their bed, their little teddy and the stickers that come with them.

Yes ladies and gents, this will be the best fiver you ever spent!

lamb Fuzzikin
the set

But then we were all sad!


Because the fun’s over……isn’t it?

What if I told you that it had only just begun?

Like your mucky pups, you can wash the little Fuzzikin things down and clean off the pen!!


Start a new design, colour to your hearts desire, play with them and then wash off and start again!!

wash the baby
wash the baby 2
all clean


We were kindly gifted these toys in exchange for an honest review.

All words and opinions are that of my own (or my daughters!).

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