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Get Your Little Stars An Adventure Pack – Holidays Easter Birthdays Christmas

little stars

We were kindly set a “little stars adventure pack” to try out.

It arrives in a personalised bag with your child’s name on it (which avoids arguments if buying multiples) and is packed with amazing items to keep the little ones busy.

So….why buy one?

If you’re going on holiday – Keep the little ones busy, with colouring in books, stickers, toys and snacks

For Easter – Different craft ideas, Jelly beans, Maltesers bunny, make your own Easter egg and more

Birthday’s – Personalised set based on the child’s likes.

Or Christmas – Santa letter kit, colouring in book, story book, craft ideas, candy cane and chocolate coins. 


This is such a



We’ve travelled in the past and Eliza made a right mess (she can be like a little Tasmanian Devil sometimes), books on the floor, crumbs on the seats and rubbish stuffed down the back of the drivers seat.

As this idea comes in their own bags they can put everything away when finished and carry it about with them.

How It All Started

We spoke to the Mum’s behind the idea.

“Our adventure packs started out as holiday travel packs, which they are still great for, but we realised they could be used for all sorts of other adventures too…

So broadened the brand a bit. We think they could be great presents too for birthdays or even as gifts for children at weddings.”

At the moment, they exclusively sell via Facebook but will move the brand onto a website once they build.

What We Thought.....

Eliza had been SO EXCITED about the arrival of this product.

Every night since I mentioned it, she’d ask,

“How many sleeps until my it gets here?”

I arrived home from work one evening, and Eliza came running up to me excitedly.


Now, I like to see her open things,

see her reaction

but it was too late. For the first time ever, she just couldn’t wait!

There were make your own head bands half made on the floor, play doh on the sofa, an empty popcorn packet (obviously it was full but Eliza had already scoffed them) and that’s just the start.

Inside our bag (contents may vary)

We got a sticker book, flamingo toy,

play doh,

healthy snacks,

make your own hair band set, pens,

colouring book and a toy egg surprise.

All this in a personalised bag with your child’s name on it!

little stars adventure pack

We will definitely be buying these in the future! Take a look at some of their most recent offers and check their Facebook page to place orders.

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