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Hadrian’s Wall Walk for Breast Cancer Now (Part 2)

The Final Frontier

From Hexham we got a lift back to Wall and continued our walk. We were tired, sore and achey but more determined than ever.

We WILL do it!

This walk seemed to be getting easier now that the hills were disappearing but so to was the wall. 

Today we got really wet but to be fair the weather had been really kind, up to this point. We marched on and passed 

We finished the day on 15.5 miles and wearily made it to Heddon-on-wall. We stayed at the Heddon lodge which is a beautiful B & B located literally on the wall walk!

To book a night with them, click here.


Newcastle Upon Tyne

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After a short walk in the morning we reached the River Tyne. 

Such a feeling of relief came over me. No matter what happened today we would finish the walk.

We walked for around 8 – 9 miles before needing a break and set off again towards the City centre.

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The bridges over the Tyne between Newcastle and Gateshead are justifiably famous. They are not merely bridges, but icons for the North East. Over the years the single (Georgian) bridge existing in the early Victorian period has been joined by six others. First the High Level Bridge, giving the river its first railway crossing, then the Swing Bridge (replacing the Georgian bridge), and the first Redheugh Bridge, replaced twice, to be followed by the King Edward Bridge and the most famous of them all, the new Tyne Bridge.

After many decades came the Queen Elizabeth Metro Bridge and finally, in 2001, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge opened to provide a stunning pedestrian and cycle link between the redeveloped quaysides on either side of the river. In the space of less than a mile seven bridges link Newcastle with Gateshead.

We stopped for lunch in the Slug & Lettuce  which was an absolute godsend. It was boiling hot outside and this air conditioned restaurant was bliss! Our lunch took forever to arrive as the waitress forgot to put our order through but we really didn’t mind!

Hadrian' Wall Walk - DONE!

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Well, almost.

After another 8 or so miles we reached Wallsend and saw a sign for the Roman baths which is the official wall walk finish point. It said 1 and 1/2 mile, so we trudged off on this final leg.

My goodness that last mile seemed to take hours but we finally reached the all important sign that signalled the END!

We got a taxi back to Newcastle Quayside where our room waited for us at the Malmaisson. 

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A Luxurious Treat

The Malmaisson on the quayside is amazing! It overlooks the Tyne and has a real touch of class about it.

When we arrived to check in, the receptionist seemed odd when we gave our details. He looked at the computer screen and paused,

“Excuse me for a second.” he said and then disappeared. 

We looked at each other worried that we would get our room.

However on his return he handed over an envelope, (£50 from my Mum & Dad) with a Congrats message, a free cocktail each from the Manager and then explained that our room had been upgraded!

WOW! It was nice, very nice. The room had two tv’s fro goodness sake. 

What a way to finish our charity wall walk.

We managed to raise £2,300 + for Breast Cancer Now and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that donated and helped us along the way.

You are all amazing!

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