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Hamerton Zoo – Clothing Choices & Prime Ministers

We were kindly invited along to spend a day at Hamerton Wildlife park and when the weather finally turned good we pulled on safari clothes and set off. Set in the beautiful countryside, Hamerton is a proper little hidden gem.

On arrival we were handed a helpful booklet (which included a map) and told what to do. Good vibes just streamed out of every part of this family run Wildlife park.

Entering the zoo we all felt like excited kids. The typical sorts of thoughts ran through our heads like;

Where shall we go first?

Can we see the Tigers?

I need a wee…

Who’s that?

Where’s the noise coming from?

Ok, enough of my blabbering, its time to see what we found.

All the animals looked very well cared for and had lots of room to have fun in. Eliza’s favourite animal was the White Tiger (even though she spent ages feeding the goats and alpacas).

George loved the alpacas and i adored the meerkat’s and chipmunks. Helen liked the camels, makes sense as she always seems to have the hump!

Days out like these have everything you (and the kiddies) need for a perfect day out. A train Cute Animals Adventure Playground & Feeding zone (human one that is)


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Interesting fact: Former Prime Minister John Major opened the park back in 1990.

Clothing Choices

On a more serious note, I spent the whole time at Hamerton with a top that made my nipples look like elephant tusks!! 

Can’t understand why but there you go.

No one told me until we nearly got home. Luckily I have broad shoulders to go with my moobs!

Thanks for reading, goodbye!

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