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Is Skegness Really Worse Than North Korea?

What’s the first thing that you think of when I say “Skegness” to you?

If I said that it had endured a bad reputation in the past, that would be a humongous understatement!

Once named amongst the World’s worst tourist destinations (likened to war hit zones, terrorist stricken spots and North Korea), has anything changed to pull in the punters? Can it really be that bad?

Well what do I, the DON, make of all this?

Well, like what we all often, sadly see blowing about in our countryside and what our children find when digging about on our beaches…YES – RUBBISH!! I think that it has got to be rubbish talk. 

How can a seaside town, with the good old British stamp be so awful?

To all the haters, I say get off your high horses mate and let’s see what we can find in and around good ‘ol Skeggy.

As I am the DON of Days out…, I will compile a list of the top 10 places, that I believe make visiting Skegness worthwhile. 

Thinking of my flabby belly,  (AGAIN) when at a coastal town, it’s always nice to sample the classic British cuisine.. If you don’t scoff down a portion of cod and chips, served in newspaper by the sea what are you actually doing with your life?

The DON's Top 6 Places to Sea @ Skegness

AAAAAND ONE) Make all your Fantasies come true at Fantasy Island.

A finalist in the 2018 prestigious Lincolnshire Tourism Excellence Awards, where they were shortlisted from a possible 200+ businesses, sailing into the final 3 of both Best Tourist Attraction and Best Holiday Park/Village in Lincolnshire!

rides at fantasy island
sea storm

This is just a snippet of the rides that await you. As the You tuber in the video I have shared reports, it seems to have had a BIG overhaul which makes it all the more attractive to visitors. 

I can’t stomach ferocious, adrenaline fuelled rides nowadays but for those with nerves like Superman (or Superwoman) this will suit you to a tee.

You’ll also discover bowling, golf, go karts, stalls and for the little uns a soft play area.

There’s even a *BEEPING* market town shopping area! Not being funny but who goes shopping on their holidays or day out? Not me, hang your head in shame if you do.

PE25 1RH

AAAAND TWO) Seal the perfect day out at Natureland Seal Sanctuary

Well know for rescuing injured or orphaned seals, this day out attraction offers visitors that feel good factor.

I do wonder if some of those seals had read this blog and wanted to see what all the fuss was about, travelled to Skegness to take a look and forgot their way home.

If that’s true, I’m sorry seal friends. 

Obviously I’m joking!

Seals don’t have access to a laptop or  phone do they, you nana.

So it’s a seal sanctuary, which is ggggrrreat! But what else can it offer us, the demanding public, looking for entertainment?

Well, as it turns out, this sanctuary is more like a **BEEPING** zoo than a sanctuary.

Yes they nurture poorly and lost seals back to good health but also, you can find Chewpaca’s, Meerkats, Penguins, seals (ooops already said them), an aquarium, tropical butterflies in the Floral Palace and a pets corner. 

PE25 1DB

AAAND THREE) Make sure you don’t fall of the tracks at the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway.

Royal visit

If you are sat there, right now wondering if Skegness is good enough for you, then bloody well listen to this!

In 2017, an actual member of the Royal family, Princess Anne, flew all the way here just to ride on a train. 

WOW!! That’s impressive. So if this “horrible” seaside town can attract Royals, then why on Earth isn’t it good enough for the common folk??

Train Times & Fares

Trains will run from 11.00 until 15.45 hrs, on dates shown on Homepage.

All fares are only £1 with children under 3 years old travelling free. This must be one of the best value steam railways in Britain today!


Whilst there are absolutely no catering facilities at the railway, there is a coffee shop and “The Barn Inn” on the Water Leisure Park, offering refreshments, snacks and meals.

old people on train

To be fair, it seems like all old people love this sort of thing. Maybe they could do with more things for children. 

I know Katie Price’s Harvey, loves trains and he’d just be happy sitting on this one!

PE25 1JF

AANND FOUR) Put all your trust into the National Trust at Gunby Estate, Hall & Gardens

This option may sound boring to you but actually the National Trust can be a cost effective day out if you are a member.

That’s right, if you become a member you gain FREE entry into all of their properties.

things to so National Trust
National Trust

Also you will always find that the various properties offer special events all year long.







More importantly, (thinking of my flabby belly again) they normally have tea rooms offering scrumptious cakes, soup, sandwiches or scones (Please don’t mention the cream of jam or jam on cream debate AGAIN!!).

PE23 5SS

AAANNNNDD FIVE) Kick back and relax on Skegness Beach!

Will you be surrounded by fag butts and broken glass bottles, or soaking up the sun (unless the weathers crap) and lying on gorgeous golden sand….

I’ve seen some pretty shite beaches in my days, so, how would Skeggy fare in this category.

If the beach IS rubbish then I give up, because what’s the *BEEPING* point of going to a coastal town with a beach that is horrendous?  

skegness beach
skegness beach
skegness beach

These are NOT scenes from Spain or Portugal, these are actual images of Skeg-bloody-ness beach!


They’ve only gone and won a BLUE FLAG AWARD!!

Congratulations Skeggy, like the summer sun, you are beginning to warm to me now. If I keep on reading this blog, I might book a holiday here next year!

Blue flag award, sodding hell. Enough said, move on.

PE25 1LJ

AND Six) To all those people that fancy Tom Hardy, we have the place just for you, Hardy’s Animal Farm!

We cannot actually confirm if Tom or his family own this farm but he is English so you never know!

hardy's farm

2019 is a perfect time to visit as A BRAND NEW GIANT OUTDOOR PLAY AREA is being unveiled at some point.


outdoor & indoor play


ride on’s / push on’s 

& lots more!

7 Acres to explore, 10 mins from the beach, take a picnic and enjoy this as part of your visit to Skegness.

PE25 1LZ

Thanks for reading.

Awards, Royals, golden sandy beaches and a farm full of proper sorts, please…give Skeggy ago.

Check out my day out map for more day out ideas!

I hope I have shown you all that Skegness can be a perfect holiday destination or day out spot.

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