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It’s A Kid’s Life – Book Review & Competition

What's It About?

It’s a kids life tells a story of a 9 year old boy, Ben, who is trying to make sense of everything life throws at him. Chuck in a house move, a school change and Ben’s entrepreneurial plan to become a millionaire before he hits the ripe age of 18 and you have yourself a winner!

Then, to make things more difficult, (life’s already tough enough!) add in the most ballsy sickie ever attempted, Ben’s dog Obi and the attentions of a beautiful girl and you will soon see that things never seem to quite work out for Ben!

Sound interesting?

My Favourite Bit So Far….

Ben meets a new friend (Tommy) who claims that his Dad is a millionaire. Turns out that he REALLY IS!!

In a bid to test Tommy’s story, Ben heads around his new friend Tommy’s house.

He’s only got his own bloomin’ TREE HOUSE!! Tommy’s tree house is EVERY BOYS DREAM! To get inside, you must ascend a rope that parents would struggle climbing, making it anti-adult (lets face it, I couldn’t haul my fat arse up a rope even if my life depended on it ) and if you do manage to heave yourself up the cordage, prepare your jaw for a drop. It’s pure class inside. 

Eliza is just stating to read to herself and although this book maybe slightly advanced for her, we have had lots of fun reading it together. 

If you’re reading this review Kerry, well done! I could easily see these stories being converted to the big screen one day! WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Am I Allowed To Read A Kid's Book?

While my daughter Eliza, slept one evening, I crept into her room and grabbed this book like an overweight ninja. Obviously it’s a kids book, but I fancied browsing some of it’s pages to help me review it sensibly.

I flopped onto my bed, cleared my mind (difficult when you have children), laying flat on my back, opened it up and began reading.

Now, I’m not being funny (because I really can’t be, even if I try) but it’s very, VERY addictive. I read a few pages to get a feel for the characters and story line and then moved on a bit further into the story and found what I can only describe as written GOLD! Please refer to my favourite bit so far!

Summary & Competition Details

A great read for kids (ahem and adults in secret) with lots of laughs and more books in the series!

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As if that’s not exciting enough, we have been kindly offered a book to giveaway as a competition prize from author Kerry Gibb. The lucky winner will receive a personally signed book.

If you want to enter, please visit our FACEBOOK POST!!

Good luck!

**We were kindly gifted this book to review. This is an honest review and all of the opinions show are of my own.**

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