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Join our Hunt for the Snark in London – Discovering a Legend

My Snark poem...


Lewis Carol once wrote,

that hunting for a Snark required soap?

A slapdash crew set sail,

to hunt for the mythical creature in this tale,

Find out how the crew got on,

by seeing their show and hearing their song!

Side splitting fun awaits,

all those whom walk through the Vaudeville gates!


Okay, okay not as talented as Lewis but I felt the urge to write after watching this fabulous show.

A Grand Day Out in London


On Friday 28th July 2017 (as a family treat), we travelled via train into the city of London to take a peep at Shrek’s Adventure and witness The hunting of the Snark. A show that excited me, oh, and the children!

The vibe that came from our capital city on this day, was a good, positive one and we were all VERY excited. 

Big Ben chimed as we made our way past Scotland Yard to the Vaudeville Theatre in the Strand. When we arrive outside the theatre, a group of photographers had gathered in anticipation of this exciting NEW show and the celebrities attending (Not us!).

We had been kindly invited along to review and were greeted by a lovely young lady and handed goody bags – always a winner when it comes to Children in the near impossible mission to keep them entertained.

We were luck enough to sit next to Garry McQuinn and Rina Gill from RGM productions.

Actress Kellie Shirley arrived late on and sat in my daughters seat, which is not a problem but Eliza said,

“Mummy, I want my seat back. Why is she in my seat?”

Gotta love kids naivety sometimes!

A few rows in front of us, a pregnant Kimberley Wyatt elegantly appeared. 

Our Review

I like to be as honest as possible with my reviews. 


Just five actors make up the cast on stage, and like “Mike Myers” in Austin Powers, or “Eddie Murphy” in the Nutty Professor, these guys and gals slip from one role to the next effortlessly. 

With exceptional songs, zany, up to date jokes and a fascinatingly odd story – “The Hunting of the Snark” is a definite SIZZLING SUMMER HIT!

In brief, a school boy looking to gain his Dad’s attention becomes a stowaway, on board his fathers ship as they set sail for Snark Island to hunt for the Snark.

Will they find the Snark or the dangerous Boojum?


Meet The Cast

  • Will Bryant  plays The Captain, Baker & the Bandersnatch. (My sort of humour!)


  • Ben Galpin plays The Bellman. (Projects himself really well, very talented man, one to watch!)


  • Jordan Leigh-Harris plays Boy. She previously performed in The Hunting of the Snark at the Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


  • Polly Smith plays The Butcher. (Fantastic, really drew in the audience!)


  • Simon Turner plays The Banker. (A Great actor that is very funny!)

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The History of the Snark Poem

The Hunting of the Snark was originally a poem written by english mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

“WHO?” I hear you ask.

The unknown Charles worked under the fictitious name “Lewis Carroll” so NOW you know who he is.  Most authors do this, probably to keep themselves to themselves. 

Originally,”The Hunting of the Snark” was published on 29th March 1876 but how did this so called “nonsense” poem make it to the stage?

This hilarious, family, musical adventure opened at the Vaudeville Theatre on 28th July 2017, and runs until 2nd September.

Following this run, the West End show will then sail off on a national tour around the country from 25th September to 19th November. 

What the kids thought.....

Eliza (Aged 4) loved the Jub Jub bird (I think all kids will)

George (Aged 12) loved The butcher (Adds an element of panto to the show)


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