Unicorn? Decorated egg?

When I heard my daughter utter those two words, I felt an overwhelming sense of pure fear. The weight of expectation put upon on ones shoulders, the pressure that other parents may judge you and this decorated egg were all too much!

You ask yourself how? What? Why? When?

Okay, okay…. my daughter wanted to make a unicorn decorated egg for a school Easter project and we need to give it a go. How hard could it really be?

I was pretty artistic at school so went in for attempt number one. I won’t go into lots of detail but my attempt looked like a tall sheep with a fat head.

Oh dear Daddy. Fail.

Luckily, the very next day, sat on the doorstep was a parcel. We had been kindly gifted some paint sticks which gave me a fresh sense of inspiration.

Round two – My wife stepped in. She is a bit more arty than me and loved the sound of the paint sticks.

How to Decorate an Egg (Unicorn style)

1.) Find a suitable background material and paint (using paint sticks of course)

2.) Add decoration, stickers, glitter or paper flowers to suit 

3.) Blow your egg out (Disgusting fun)

4.) Construct a frame for the unicorn using toilet rolls and UHU glue

5.) Once dry, paint (paint sticks dry really quickly)

6.) Paint egg head and allow to dry

7.) Draw facial details on the egg and place / stick into position

8.) Stick on a mane, tail and decorate the body.

9.) Add unicorns horn

10.) Stand back and smile, knowing that you (and your child) have achieved greatness

More About The Paint Sticks

So let’s hear more about these Little Brian Paint Sticks.

No need for brushes or water. They twist up and down like glue sticks and allow mini artists to paint, dot, stamp and scrape without the mess.

Paint dries in less than 60 seconds.

They come in many varieties, such as:

mini Paint Sticks,

Day Glow Paint Sticks,

Chalk Sticks,


Metallic Paint Sticks.

We loved the colours and found that the choice is perfect.

A great, clean way to allow children to have arty fun.

Create more art and less mess!

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