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MAD Science Chemistry Set – How To Create DNA

Find out how we used this Chemistry set to create ACTUAL DNA!

My knowledge of chemistry isn’t the best, however I was offered the chance to review this “Science MAD! Chemistry Lab” and couldn’t refuse.

We tried to stick to certain experiments (the booklet inside the set boasts 100 separate experiments to try!), but you need extra ingredients and items that we did not have. 

. As we are not trained chemists I asked George if he knew any MAD scientist experiments we could try (relax he’s 13….what’s the worst that could happen?).

He smiled and ran off rambling about explosions!


He came back with Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar grinning like the Cheshire cat. Eliza donned safety goggles and stood back nervously (very sensible that girl).

Now I remember an old playground tale about bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and empty kinder egg cases??

Basically ending with a BOOM!!

So anyway, we added 1/2 portion of Bicarb to a scientific beaker and then steadily the vinegar was poured in.

Nothing to start with….then “FIZZ WHIZZ PAWOOF!” 

Ok, it didn’t explode, just fizzed up, bit like a bottle of coke someone just chucked at you.


We survived.

“Now….let’s make DNA!” came a surprising comment form George.

How the heck do you make DNA?

If we do, does that make us Frankenstein (if you didn’t know Frankenstein is the creator of the monster, not the monster itself)?

To prove he wasn’t mad he showed me a YouTube video which amazed me. It involves a banana, washing up liquid, a blender and salt….now these ingredients we HAD!!

George took the reigns, he seemed to know what he was doing so I left him to it.

He crushed up the banana, added warm salt water and then placed it into a sealed container and spun it round in his sock (god help it, I wouldn’t want to be spun around inside his sock even if I was nose blind!).

We tried other proper (text book) experiments but we need more time. We had a great laugh and will defo try more zany things moving forward.

mad science
mad science

This set encourages learning and tries to help promote interest in Chemistry.

The kit contains the chemicals and equipment for 100 safety tested experiments,including growing crystals and watching different reactions to chemicals. 

This is perfect for any young scientist type! 

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