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mommywhoblogs Potty Training Made Easy?


My children have gone through potty training. Anyone else that has endured it knows only to well how much fun it can be. My son could have done with this product, alas, it was unavailable 11 years ago (at least I think so). He practised weeing by going into his room and filling up toys with wee.


It’s a crazy world and you will need all the help you can get

I discovered mommywhoblogs on Instagram and wanted to share her review. She has reviewed a toddler potty, with a difference. Enjoy


£15 on Amazon


review, potty, toddler, urinal,


The Review


“This toddler potty/urinal from KEMZOKIDS is absolutely brilliant.

A great way to start George learning to stand when he needs a Number 1. The cat crown design is lovely and looks great in the bathroom and the product is really easy to put together.

George absolutely loves it (I think his favourite part was actually the waterwheel target – what a brilliant ide!)

This is going to be a really useful piece of kit as we start the potty training journey.”










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