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25 things you MUST do before it’s too late – No regrets

Experience everything life has to offer

Darren enjoying a drink in a hotel in Newcastle

By Darren Lawson

Life is all about living and in our opinion, if you have successfully completed 15 or more of our list below then you are well on the way to living a full and varied life.


So, take a look and let us know how many you have done and what you think should be added to the list. 

After all we can always add to it.

“I don’t think you’ll ever hear someone say on their deathbed that they regret not re-decorating their bathroom or getting that new kitchen.

Make sure you live your life, experiences are worth so much more that material possessions.”

  1. Eat Fish & Chips by the Sea
  2. Complete a random act of kindness
  3. Go up a mountain
  4. Go up in the London Eye
  5. See a traditional Christmas Panto
  6. Visit Stonehenge on Summer solstice
  7. Camp at a festival
  8. Walk along Hadrian’s Wall
  9. Watch / compete in London Marathon
  10. Visit Giant’s Causeway N.Ireland
  11. Travel on the London Underground
  12. Have a picnic at an open air concert
  13. See a footie match at Wembely
  14. Watch a tennis match at Wimbledon
  15. See Whales off of Wales coast
  16. Eat Haggis….Blurgh!
  17. Watch True Blood Box Set
  18. Visit a Christmas Market
  19. Go to Santa Pod and watch MonsterTrucks
  20. Watch a Shakespeare play in Stratford-upon-Avon
  21. Eat at a Gordon Ramsey Restuarant
  22. Go on a Ferry
  23. Go on a Jack the Ripper Guided tour
  24. See your favourite Comedian
  25. Parachute jump…eeekk

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