My favourite 12 Retro Video games – SNES, NES, Gameboy

Since the arrival of arcade games back in the 1970’s – 1980’s, video games have gone from strength to strength. However, for me, the old classics had the best game-play hands down. 

Okay the graphics are much better now, but that is just a part of the gaming experience. Game play, how addictive a game is and sound tracks pull real punches in the whole gaming world.

What was your favourite console?

On that console, what was your favourite game?

I played A LOT of video games as a child and to help take you on a nostalgic journey, below are some of my all time favourites. 

Dizzy, NES,

The Fantastic Adventures Of Dizzy - Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

An adventurous egg. Dizzy has to find items and use them in the correct place with the correct person. Really tough, but I loved it!

Final Fantasy VII - Play Station 1 (PS1)

Battles, weapons, adventure, character build up. I saved up for this one. This little beauty set me back £49.99 in the late 90's! Cloud is the main character in FFVII. It broke the game boundaries by letting users do anything they wanted. Ground breaking game!

Tetris - Nintendo Gameboy

With amazing game-play and quality tunes this made for a truly addictive game. The Gameboy was a handheld gaming device in which the games were not in colour, instead they were a sort of Grey and Green?


Super Mario Bros. 2 - Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Wow! I remember this game very well! Jumping around as Mario, floating over large chasms as Princess Daisy or skidding about as Luigi, this had real pulling power. You could throw down a potion and reveal a magic door which transports you to a dark world, where players could discover coins and life giving mushrooms. The end of level bosses spat eggs at you and some of the enemies were really annoying but this is an amazing game! How can you beat it?

Super Mario Bros. 3 - Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Better than Mario 2? Hell yeah! Mario 3 was a huge step up from previous games. Mario could now fly, levels were filled with hidden extras and the bosses now hid in castles! I never actually completed this game as it is VERY difficult. Amazing!

Golden Axe - Sega Megadrive

Epic, jump - chop action! I loved taking on this game as the axe wielding Dwarf. Although he is limited to about three moves, his character is cool. After each level, your character rests by a campfire and small leprechauns run past you. For every hit you get on them, they drop magic vials!

Sonic the Hedgehog - Sega Megadrive

Don't really need to tell you about Sonic. Fast paced spinning action, coins and puzzles! Awesome!

Pac Man - Arcade Game

Get around the maze of corridors eating little crumbs and avoid the ghosts. Collect large crumbs to turn the ghosts into a zombie type creature and you can eat them! A game of speed, out witting your opponents and timing. Classic arcade game.

punch out, boxing, days out,

Super Punch Out - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Great, fun, boxing arcade game. The SNES boxing game is great fun and a test of reactions and memory.

Zelda, Link to the past, SNES,

Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

A real hero, adventure game. I played this for HOURS & HOURS!Released in 1991, this game is viewed from birds eye view.Fun fact : "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" is the seventh-best-selling Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game (4,610,000 units sold)

Earthworm Jim, SNES,

Earthworm Jim - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

I originally rented this game from Blockbuster Video when I first got my SNES. I think it cost something like £3.00 for a couple of days. Earthworm Jim, is about a worm that gets into a powerful suit. Really difficult game-play. Brilliant game.

Crash Bandicoot - Playstation 1 (PS1)

This was played by so many of us during our childhood. The spinning bandicoot, crashes through crates, jumps holes in the ground and jumps across water crossings. Did you love this game on the PS1? You may be pleased to know that its making a comeback on the PS4.

I would love to hear what your favourite games are, what consoles you had and what you think of my choices.

Sometimes we just need a Day in NOW!!

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