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Peppa Pig Secret Surprise Toy Review – Character Toys

Surprise!!! A Peppa Pig Surprise

To my surprise, my wife messaged me at work and said,

“An interesting parcel has turned up for you!”

What could it be, I thought? I hadn’t bought anything. I can’t remember entering any competitions to win a lush new TV or anything.

“What is it?” I asked back.

She mentioned Peppa pig and then *BLAM* I remembered the toy I had been asked to review……………………….

So, here’s my honest review.

Personally, (don’t forget I’m a 37 year old man) I think that this whole “LOL” doll, hidden surprise, malarky, thing is a load of rubbish (waste plastic joke there) however, kids go absolutely mental for them and can’t get enough of these types of toys.

Even when they are not physically playing with them, they will watch endless You Tube videos of other children playing with them!

Go figure (another thing I don’t get).

So, the good people at Character toys have dipped their toe in the proverbial waters of “surprise gifts” and to my surprise have done well, very well.

Peppa's Secret Surprise Revealed

It was like a Peppa party in our house once the box was opened up! 

Party hats, them blower things that you get at Christmases / Birthday parties or at New Year, wrapped / boxed secret toys and nice paper and confetti. 

So we cracked on………..

Unwrap and reveal the cube like gift that contains little hidden drawers, each filled with wrapped gifts.

You get 5 bagged toys / accessories and a sticker sheet which can be used to decorate Peppa and her friends outfits with.

Series 1 will launch in December 2018, quickly followed by a new series in 2019, which will feature new boxes and a brand new theme for the figures and accessories. 

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My daughter loved the little Peppa toys inside and went on to use them to ride our little dog, played in her dolls house with them and then, finally put them to bed.

All this on the first day, can’t argue with that. 

To applaud Character toys here, they have actually used far less packaging than LOL and the child (or parent) can use the box that houses the special little surprises for other things, ie

pieces of jewellery,

hair bands,

other small toy bits,

or even other Peppa pig merch!

At £9.99 this has got to be worth adding to your child’s ever growing Christmas list, maybe as a stocking filler? 

Or, in the New Year perhaps a present for a child’s Birthday party?

Want to buy one or just take a look? 

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