seagulls in the sky

Our Search For The Perfect Beach – Follow The White Seagulls

Once Upon A Time......

Sat in our garden on one fine sunny day, we heard loud squarking, chirping and wailing. For once, it wasn’t bellowing from my youngest daughters big gob.

“Dad, there must be a beach nearby!”. Confused, I looked up to see lots of seagulls flying about.

“No! There’s no beach near us, you’d have to drive for hours to get to the nearest one.” I answered.

“Let’s go and see, pleeeassse?” begged Eliza. I rolled my eyes and said that we’d follow the seagulls and take a look.

seagulls in the sky

We all clambered into the car and set off, using our feathered friends as a compass. We headed North West with the wind in our tails, actually I had had a big breakfast so I’ll blame the wind on that.

We cruised past Northampton, past Kettering and through Corby. The seagulls were in the far distance mocking us, seeing if we could keep up. “This is ridiculous!” I said. 

Birds eye view

Then we saw it. It was like seeing a mirage as a beautiful beach, lapping waves and hoards of families splashing about in the water appeared from nowhere. “See! I told you!” Shrieked Eliza with excitement.

We had arrived at Rutland water, a magical land locked beach situated at a huge man made reservoir. The seagulls had led us to a fantastic place. We saw boats sailing gently on the water, dog walkers laughing and kids building sand castles as high as their knees.

“WOW!” we all said together.

Rutland water
secret beach
rutland water aqua fun

“Dad….I need a wee!” Said Eliza crossing her legs.

But before we searched for a nearby bush, we spotted some toilets. Perfect.

We had a fantastic day out and will definitely follow the seagulls again.

Finding Rutland Water Without Seagulls

rutland water map

Okay, so if you are attempting to find this secret beach without the help of seagulls, here’s how!

Visit there website 


use this postcode

LE15 8BL

Whatever floats your boat!

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