What if I told you there may be a way to easily get your child to fall asleep after a few minutes? Would you want to hear more?

Are you one of the unfortunate parents that has a child that struggles when it comes to sleepy time?

My son, was always easy. Put him to bed, read him a story and as if by magic he’d drift off. Sweet.

My daughter, aged 5, has always been difficult. She tries everything to stay up and now, I think I have heard every excuse possible.

Like: I need a drink
I’m hungry
I’m not tired
Can you read me another story?
What’s this? (Comes downstairs holding a tampon!)
I’ve broken this! (Holding my phone charger!)

Then there’s the mood swings.

This Involves : Stamping (Sounds Like an Elephant herd)
Door slamming
Throwing things (Sometimes downstairs)
etc, etc, etc…
Yes, it’s difficult.

Then, I saw this...........

I know what you are gonna say.

“HOLD ON! That’s a baby!”

But what if the same technique worked on older children?

Worth a go, no?

So one night, when the girl was kicking off about goodness knows what I though I’d try this sleepingĀ techers (Not a spelling mistake, it’s urban for technique).

However, would it work?

I gave her a goodnight cuddle and instead of a sheet I used my hand to tickle her face. Don’t give up, after a few minutes she started closing her eyes. Then shortly after fell asleep. Just softly run your fingers from the top of their head to their chin. Try your own methods.

So? What happened?


10 x Parent points for me!


This Guy Has Got It Sorted

He is just showing off here.

He gets a huge 100 x Parent points! Well done mate!

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