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She’s Got The Whole World In Her Hands – #smartglobes


She really has got the whole world in her hands.

Well a Smart globe actually, to be exact. We were kindly gifted an interactive globe in exchange for an honest review.

So here we go.

This is where companies and lovely PR people want me to say,


this product is SSOOO amazing and

BLIMEY it has so much to offer the WHOLE family……. however I tell it like it is. I pull no punches (is that the saying?).

When the globe arrived, I must say, we were very excited. I didn’t really know what to expect, what can a globe do apart from spin?

At a quick glance, I personally wasn’t blown away, (takes a lot to impress me) but my daughter fell, instantly, head over heels in love with it. You could say it had her in a spin…..(Laughter & applause?)

In fact she carried it around with her everywhere, I mean everywhere, even in the bloody car!

Apparently, the globe is a night light, so that’s a useful addition! In fact, when switched on the globe’s sky is illuminated by the stars of 88 constellations.

Eliza needed a night light so this was spot on.

It also tells stories, myths and facts. Believe me it contains lots and lots of these, I have listened to loads of the little snippets of info everyday since it turned up.

So, what else can it do?


Learn about Dinosaurs, history things, geography places, myths and lots more using the audio capabilities of this smart globe (you don’t even have to read!).

Learning & fun don’t always go hand in hand (in my experience…NEVER!) but Oregon have some how managed to pulled that off here.

I think that the cherry on the icing is the downloadable app which encourages kids to learn through their gadgets rather than stare blankly at them. 

This is the bit that I was impressed with, through your device you can really see virtual Dinosaurs walking the earth, flags flying high for each Nation and lots of other interesting facts and stories. 

To sum up, this a great idea for a present that I think suits children aged around 4 – 10. It has lots of potential and even when all of the stories and facts have been listened to, you’ve still got a nice night light.

It’s like a Dad Review Rating :


Value for Money :


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