Should You Pay Your Child For Doing Household Chores?

We’ve all been there. A chore sits, staring at you like a hungry dog looking for a treat and you do the clever adult thing…….pay the kids to do it!



I asked my facebook friends, to get their opinions, this should be interesting.


Here is what they said.


What are you saying??

Errrr no! No one pays me for doing all the chores 🤣Everyone should do their fair share as a family.

No-one pays me to do the house hold chores so no point paying them as they will expect it in the future.

Every 1 helps in my house, clearing up putting washing in the wash emptying washing machine clearing draining board dusting etc and I’ve got 3 boys age 11, 8, and 4

Yes it teaches them to earn

A bit of incentive never hurt anyone!

Yes my kids learn to save for things like films . This month they helped around the house and earned £9 . That got them a ticket for a film and a drink.

There’s a difference between cleaning up their own mess (which they should learn to do as a standard) and CLEANING a house (for example cleaning the bath and sinks etc). Which we do provide money as a reward. They don’t get paid for cleaning their rooms as that’s something they should do anyway, their mess they clean it. But if I need help folding clothes and putting them away, I might ask the kids to help and give them 50p/£1 depending on their age. Anyone whose saying ‘I don’t get paid why should They’…. you already know the value of earning money, it’s your responsibility to teach your children. This is a good way how.

Only when they broken something and it need replacing so they do house work to earn money to get what they broken . Fixed but if they cleaning room that don’t count

Mine earns her pocket money by doing chores so another question,should children get pocket money? Way I see it is they learn that to earn money you have to do something. Win win chores get done, pocket money gets earned and kids learn a valuable lesson. 👍

I have my two boys at weekends 14 and 15 and they don’t get much pocket money at home but they always want there online pass for gaming at £15 a pop or going paint balling with friends so I see it as incentive for them helping with the garden or washing up, bit of hoovering it’s not hard work but gives them a kick up the backside life is not free pocket money was stopped at 13 I was old enough for a paper round couldn’t wait morning ,night and sundays £30 a week in back pocket felt good I earned it plus I did car washing weekends with friends and cos of that think that’s why I always had a job still can’t get use to these early mornings though lol

So what have we learn't?

It seems that most of you agree that children should pull their weight when it comes to keeping their own rooms tidy but when it comes to bigger chores ie washing the car

then a financial reward should be given.

This is obviously age dependant.

My favourite comment is the one that says that if their child damages something then they must work to pay for it to be replaced. This also works for better behaved children, acting as a way for them to save up money for a treat like the cinema. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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