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Strictly Briking It – Toy Review

Stricktly Briks

stricktly briks title

We were kindly sent a BIG BRIKS set comprising of 108 pieces in four different colours and a large platform to create from.

These are similar to Lego Duplo and offer lots of fun.

Stricktly Briks was created by Brian Semling from the USA. A father of two, he and his wife recognised the need for a brand that offered more creative play and learning. So began the inspiration for Stricktly Briks.


Using imagination is the healthiest way to have fun (that goes for small and BIG kids btw).

Building blocks allow us to unleash our inner Michelangelo and build anything (blocky-wise) that appears straight from our big, bulging brains.

Hence the phenomenon that is Lego and Minecraft have proved hugely popular across the planet, with hoards of thrilled people buying into the franchise. 

Building what we want from simple blocks really strikes a chord with our imaginations and brings us a real sense of achievement.

So, why can’t a company create their own version? They can and have and we wanted to check them out.


Build, build, build and have fun. No instructions, just good old fashioned imagination. Beautiful colourful blocks, well made and cheaper than standard Lego. What’s not to love then?


Eerrrmmm…..well……….there isn’t really any.

This is cheaper, looks the same, can be used with other building blocks and is really pretty nice.

Hold it!! I know, there is one major flaw, THEY STILL BLOODY HURT IF YOU STAND ON ONE!! 🤣

to show how standing on stricktly briks can still bloody hurt

Play ability

There are lots of different sets to choose from.

The coolest looking, are the stack-able sets that allow your children to build garages, towers, sky scrapers or just amazing storage shelves to house their other toys.

play time

Eliza quickly began building as soon as the set turned up and now it is strewn across her bedroom floor waiting for me to stand on the pieces late at night when I go to tuck her in.

Great set, would make perfect presents for anyone really. These BIG blocks are really aimed at 3+  however Eliza is 6 years old and still had lots of fun playing with them. I wouldn’t recommend for ages over 6 really, instead move to the smaller briks.





Great fun for all the family, just

watch where you leave them. They

can hurt the soles of any foot.

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