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Fun things to do this weekend for Halloween

  If you haven’t arranged a Halloween activity for this weekend yet, well what the hell have you been doing? Don’t panic it’s not to late. Below are a selection of local venues that are offering spooky Halloween fun! We would love to hear from you if you have any […]

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Top 10 Family Halloween Movies

  When it comes to Halloween movies, it always seems to be difficult to find a decent list of the best ones. I’m referring to family movies not mess your head up horrors here! So, below is my family favourites and a brief description of them. I would love to […]

Pick me a Winner – Pumpkin picking at Halloween

  Picking a Pumpkin at Malt Kiln Farm – Warwickshire You’ve heard of picking your own Strawberries and raspberries but have you ever heard of picking your own PUMPKINS? No? If not read my blog for all the details you need! A list of places that offer this HALLOWEEN activity […]