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The Easy way to budget for Christmas – Spread the cost

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Useless at saving money?


Always have been. Ever since I earned money, shortly after pay day I would have spent it. 

My wife spotted a way to combat this issue, a way to spread the cost of Christmas. Sound good?

After all, you should be enjoying yourself at this festive time, not worrying about where the money will come from for all the presents etc.

However, no matter how hard you try, unfortunately Christmas just gets more & more EXPENSIVE. 

 So do you want a bit of help saving for Christmas? 


Try Park Hamper next year. It could be the miracle that you have been looking for.

Are you dubious about such money saving strategies? Don’t worry. Nowadays, protection is in place. 

An independent trust, designed to safeguard prepayments made by you and Agents in respect of orders, is now established. The trust arrangements gives you added security for your savings. A summary of the declaration of trust can be seen here.

The trust is operated by three trustees, only one of whom is nominated by us. The remaining two are wholly independent and will be responsible for approving the release of savers’ monies held in the trust Account.

CPA Code of Practice

We are a founder member of the Christmas Prepayment Association (CPA), the Christmas savings industry trade association.

The CPA has developed a Code of Practice, which must be adhered to by its members, in order to provide customers with the best possible service and to improve the security of customers’ money.

To view the full CPA Code of Practice, go to www.cpa-advice.co.uk



Where can I use the vouchers

Love2shop vouchers can be spent at a huge range of Retailers either online or on the high street. You must select which you prefer when ordering them.

Love2shop vouchers can be spent in





& many, many more shops.

The UK’s most popular multi-retailer vouchers are accepted at over 150 major retailers, restaurants and attractions, with over 20,000 UK locations. Where to spend Love2shop Vouchers.

You can also purchase M&S vouchers, Debenhams vouchers, Toys R Us vouchers plus loads more.

We get a Primark store card to stock up on Christmas pj’s and socks.

Or try the 1p saving challenge. 

on January 1st put 1p into savings, on the 2nd put in 2p etc etc.

By the end of the year (if you can keep it up) you will have an impressive £667.95 at your disposal. 

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