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Every single year, my blog grows that little bit more and I feel more and more at ease calling myself a blogger. I am already worrying about how much I have taken on and wondering if it’s actually possible. 

I guess you never improve unless you push yourself, right?

 I’ve been tagged by Rachael from Lukeosaurus and Me to do the top 7 challenge. This challenge is about sharing my top 7 posts from 2018, 7 things I’ve loved in 2018 and 7 things I’m looking forward to in 2019. 

My Top 7 Blog Posts 2018

1.) Riverside Hub review.  Part of my hobby (blogging) is the opportunities it opens up to me and my family. We were gifted free tickets to this soft play and I must admit it’s very impressive.

2.) Cotswold Farm Park review. Adam Hensons farm is an absolute stunner. Animals, play areas, indoor activities and tractor rides. Awesome!

3.) Smart Globe toy review. I hadn’t reviewed many toys before on my blog but, heck that’s all changed now. I have loved receiving new products to try out. Great Fun!!

4.) 2,000+ Day Out Ideas. A self promotion post, introducing my readers to my day out map. I’m very proud of it and want to shout about it to the whole UK.

5.) Children’s play village – Warwick. Another review, another winner. Amazing place to take young children.

6.) The painting stone phenomenon.  I was a gnats whisker away from blogging about this craze SO MUCH earlier than I eventually did…damn!!

7.) My 10 alternative ideas to entertain kids. A fun posts that I really enjoyed writing this!

7 Things I Loved In 2018

1.) Completing our extension. Meant we all had our own rooms and now had an option of where to go to toilet. 

2.) Getting the snip. Not necessarily a top “LOVE” but it’s about what it means for the future.

3.) The summer! It was insanely hot. If only it could be like that every year.   

4.) Installing a huge deck area myself, and finishing the garden. We’re so happy with it!

5.) Getting tougher now! Going to Fairport in Cropredy for the 1st time was amazing. We wanted to see the Levellers.

6.) Visiting Cornbury. A posh festival that has an amazing feel to it. 

7.) Our trip to Blists Hill Victorian town. A really special place. 

7 Things I am Looking Forward To In 2019

1.) Trying to complete my challenge “Around the UK in 80 Days Out”. It will be extremely tough but I’m gonna try my hardest!

2.) Going on a much needed holiday, nothing booked yet but we BLOODY DESERVE IT!!

3.) Growing my blog? Always looking to improve.

4.) Visiting new places, part of the around the UK challenge. Will be lots of fun!

5.) Loosing weight and getting fitter. I know everyone says the same in the new year but I need to loose weight!

6.) Enjoying our extension and actually living the dream!

7.) Making new friends in the blogging world and become filthy rich and succesful (don’t want much do I ?). 


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