Find out where I experienced my WORST DAY OUT EVER!!

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Looking for an Adventure?

Who doesn’t love that big green ogre with layers?


The hilarious over chatty ass that loves dragons?


The ogre princess (much prettier as a human)?


Well, so do I. The Shrek films were a breath of  fresh air ………….. in the early 2000’s. 

I mean, c’mon. I can’t help but think that Merlin have really missed the boat with this one.  What were they thinking? Any way they kindly offered me two tickets to pop in and review this (fairly new at the time I wrote this) interactive show.

I was actually hopeful. We had to give a specific time to visit and we very nearlly missed it because of train delays. 

As we only had two tickets we were going to buy tickets for my wife and son but that would have cost £40 – 50!

No way!

Looks like it’s just me and Eliza then.

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How’s the best way to describe it?

Loud, American style acting which was kinda fun at the start, is then followed by the crowd boarding a magical Double decker bus to travel to Far, far away land. I must say that the 4D cinematic’s here are very good but the actual bus  itself doesn’t move which makes it feel like you are just watching a film.

You then go from room to room, listening to the actors as you try and get home. 

I hate this sort of thing. I hate attention and in one room the lady actor asked someone to do a dance. He couldn’t avoid it! Poor man.

From that point I picked Eliza up and used her as a sort of shield to escape being picked for anything.

It worked. 

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Location, location, location

Well here is the location of Shrek’s adventure so you know where to avoid. Don’t worry though there are plenty of other attractions nearby. 

If you love Shrek and don’t mind paying money to be dragged up in front of the audience and made to look stupid then this is the thing for you.

For everyone else, no. Just avoid it. Save your money.

Sorry Merlin but its crap. 

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