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Varta Product Review – Let there be light!

How Varta saved my life!

Imagine the music that is played in a movie, when the lead actor is hanging perilously on the edge of a mountain. A sheer drop below them, the possibility of death a real threat.

Well, just pretend that that music is playing now. For those who lack serious imagination play the clip below.

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Now read this:

On a camping trip to Cornbury, Darren awoke in the middle of the night with a start. He needed a wee…desperately.

He moved to get out of the sleeping bag he lay in but alas his weekend pass wrist strap was stuck to the sleeping bag zip. Nightmare!

Panic set in.

He tried to get free from this trap but was stuck and couldn’t see a thing. Thinking quickly, he sat up and turned on the small but mighty lantern (Varta Lantern – seamless advert). The light shone brightly and showed him the problem clearly.

Didn’t make any difference though, he still couldn’t break free. 

“I can’t walk across to the toilets with a sleeping bag under my arm!” he thought.

“There’s only one thing to do!” He thought.

“HELEN!” he shouted in a quiet, whispery voice, wanting to wake her but aware of the backlash that could ensue. Shaking her agressively, after what seemed like an hour, she looked over.

“What…” she asked, half asleep.

“I’m stuck, help!”

Luckily, Helen didn’t panic in the face of danger. Assisted by the Varta lantern she broke him free from his chains and off he ran into the wild, for a wee.



Days Out NOW

Rating 8/10

Nice little latern. The on button is difficult to locate in the dark I found. It could do with being a bit more pronounced? Other than that, ideal.

Evolution of Varta?

Thankfully Varta have moved on A LOT since the 1980’s! It seems that they have always been at the cutting edge of Battery technology but have branched out to Lamps, chargers, portable power packs, special batteries and flashlights!

They were kind enough to offer some products to me to try out on my epic Cornbury festival weekend camping trip. 

Slim Power Bank Review

I’ve never used a portable power pack before. I knew that it would be very handy on our camping weekend.

Before we went to Cornbury, I plugged the power pack into my laptop. Basically you can charge it from anything with a USB connector. PC’s, laptops, gaming consoles or you can get a plug for it. It took a good few hours to charge but it is worth it. Blue flashing lights show how much charge is in the pack. It starts with one flashing light, then two, three etc until full.

The lead that comes with the pack is reversible, so when your phone is getting low, plug it in and off you go. The first night I charged my phone, I plugged it in and fell asleep. 

In the morning I though, “Shit”, I bet I’ve drained the pack! 

It hadn’t. The pack turns off when the phone is fully charged. Brilliant. My Samsung charged up 3 1/2 times using this pack which was perfect!

I would highly recommend it. 

Days Out NOW Rating 9/10

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