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Warwick Castle – Legend Of The Dragon

Warwick England 1068

A thundering sound, filled the sky above the fort that William the conqueror built, as a huge beast sailed overhead. A strong gust blew people off their feet as the creature flapped it’s great wings.

Screams came from every direction as fiery, flames spewed from the creatures mouth, creating a fearsome, unbearable heat.

The fort burst into flames and Warwick fort was no more.

warwick wooden fort
warwick wooden fort 2
Dragon slayer

Present Day Visit

We enjoyed a lovely day out at Englands most famous Castle. We actually came across places that we’d never seen before, which surprised me.

So if you visit, make sure you take a thorough look around. Everyone knows about the Dungeons, book early as this gets very busy.

However, have you seen the stunning Conservatory cafe and peacock gardens? The aroma of roses fills the air, peacocks roam about and there is a central fountain that creates a memorising centre piece, surrounded by peacock shaped hedges. 


Fountains at warwick
peacocks warwick

How many peacocks did you spot?

Take a stroll along the River Avon and soak up the stunning views.

By the entrance to the Castle itself you can descend to the Mill and engine house. After a tragic fire in 1880, £2,000,000 was spent to restore the workings of the mill to it’s former glory.

Is It Value For Money?

Warwick castle can be expensive, however lots of this money goes towards the maintenance and up keep of the castle itself.

You can save yourself lots of money by searching out 2 for 1 deals, or become a Merlin annual pass holder.

Take bottles with you and fill up on fresh, clean drinking water. We found two stations to grab water but there may be more.

Take a picnic in with you, if you’ve visited in the past, take the wooden swords, shields and helmets you bought with you.

There are plenty of picnic benched dotted about and huge fields with tree shaded spots to rest. If you’d prefer to eat out, the choice is very good. Burger kiosks, ice cream parlors, a cafe and little shops selling most things you would like to eat.

the mill at warwick castle

Various Shows & Acts

When we visited, the popular War of the Roses show and Falconer’s Quest show were running at intervals throughout the day. 

We’d already seen the War of the Roses, so we skipped that, using the quieter time to look about normally busy areas and instead opted to see the Falconers Quest which was great. 

birds of prey
falconers quest
falconers quest 2

Around The Towers

The walk around the towers is hard work, with it’s narrow steep steps, short doorways and lots of people making this little tour best suited to those whom are physically fit.

I wouldn’t recommend this if you struggle with steps unless it’s really quiet, giving you more time to explore.

Warwick castle towers
art work warwick castle
exotic birds warwick castle

Warwick Castle Facts

1.) Did you know it was originally built in 1068 by William the conqueror as a wooden fort. The mound it was built on still remains.

2.) Tussauds group purchased the Castle for £1,300,000 in 1978.

3.) Warwick Castle has a rich history which includes such names as, Winston Churchill, King Henry VIII and Julius Caesar.

The Legend Of The Dragon

Apparently, dragons still roam these part looking for gold and it’s baby dragon that went missing?

I don’t believe all that rubbish.

However, we did see a small, strange creature being carried around by a lady.

baby dragon

Coincidence, surely?

As darkness descended on the castle, a strange rumbling sound came from nowhere……


  • Mariam

    This looks like such a cool place! I love visiting historical places and it’s nice to see that this was made into a tourist attraction that’s actually fun to visit! Thank you for sharing.

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