Pick me a Winner – Pumpkin picking at Halloween

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You’ve heard of picking your own Strawberries and raspberries but have you ever heard of picking your own PUMPKINS?


If not read my blog for all the details you need!

A list of places that offer this HALLOWEEN activity and some important information for your visit.

To make Halloween more festive and exciting, why not have a go at picking your own pumpkin?

At the end of this blog I will post all of the locations (that we know of) that offer this exciting activity.


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We arrived at Malt Kiln farm at around 11 o’clock, parked up and headed for the farm shop entrance. Inside we found a labyrinth of delicious foods and drinks on offer, (I’ll come back to that) but we wanted to get out into the fields straight away.


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A sign, which showed customers where to go explained that we needed gloves and a cutting tool to lift our chosen Pumpkins when discovered.

Okay, we had thought about suitable clothing and footwear, (warm clothes and boots as you will be walking through muddy fields during your search) however a knife/cutting tool and gloves had slipped our minds.


I think this place was missing a trick here. If they offered a pumpkin cutting kit or a knife hiring service they could make a killing! *wink*

Oh well, we were lucky enough to be lent a knife and we continued on our search.

Outside were wheel barrows all lined up for customers to borrow and I strongly recommend that you do. I’m fairly strong but if your carrying Pumpkins over a fair distance they become VERY heavy!




After a short walk we reached the Pumpkin fields and were stunned at the sheer volume of Orange vegetables and some green ones that were waiting for someone to come along and cut them free and take them home.

The kids loved it!

Eliza even picked an extra one for her big sister who was busy on other engagements.


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Back at the farm shop we got a trolley and took a browse.

We had not only picked our own pumpkins but went on to pick our own cheeses, juices, sauces, meat and even birthday cards.

Very reasonably priced and we thought that it made a great family day out!

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Places to Pick your own

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