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When life needs a bit of a BOOST

A birthday treat to Boost in Northampton

As a birthday treat for my 13 year old son, myself,  George and three of his best mates travelled to the Riverside shopping centre in Northampton to have a go at trampolining! 

Well they were, my days of back flipping are well and truly gone.

It’s best to arrive half an hour early to get booked in, get your trampolining socks and put your personal belongings safely away in a locker.

If you have booked online, on arrival enter your reference number only, then enter the details of the people participating  and away you go.


I had to get the lady behind the counter to help, not embarrassed whatsoever.

Boost, Northampton, Trampoline,

You then place your belongings in a locker put on your trampolining socks and watch a health and safety video.

Boring you say?

It only takes a few minutes and it shows you everything you WILL WANT TO DO must not do.

Then, chill.

An area upstairs has seating and serves coffees, cold drinks and snacks. I would recommend taking some drinks perhaps, as jumping children get very hot, tired and thirsty.

More than just a trampoline?

There is LOADS to do at Boost

Numerous trampolines (obviously)

a basketball area,

a gladiator Style fighting Beam,

a sort of diving board into a pit of foam,

a wall you can jump against (makes a change to running up the walls),

a type of hungry hippo game where four contenders must grab as many balls as they can while attached to a cord fixed to the wall,

a a toddler area which is nice and safe


finally a dodge ball Arena. Plenty to keep them busy. 

Before you know it the hour has flown by and it’s time to leave.

Great day out for the whole family!

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