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Why Unicorn Birthday Parties Makes Us “Feel Good” & Refreshed

Unicorn, pony rides, party, birthday

This year, for my daughters 5th Birthday party we fancied something a little different.

We asked her what she would like,


was her reply.


Okay, fair enough, that seems to be all the rage at the moment so why not, we thought.

My wife, who has a passion for horses and animals spotted that a local stable were advertising Prince & Princess days out with, a Unicorn. She contacted the owners and together arranged the party date and details of the party. It was held at Stablemates in Woodford Halse, near Daventry.

I, unfortunately was booked in for a mornings work on this particular Saturday and thought that it was probably best to be out of the way (Unicorns are not really my thing).

However my  “Very Kind boss” 

*muttering under my breath through gritted teeth* 

approached me on the Friday before the party and said that he was able to work now, so no need for me to go in….absolute stitch up!

Forget about street credibility, (which you give up on when becoming a parent) I was now all geared up for my daughters fairy tale party. To be fair, I do love spending time with my children and think that it is very important to go to all of their parties and events if possible. It really does means a lot to them

Useful info

Look online at local stables / riding schools and ask if they do Unicorn parties or if they know who may do them locally.

Ask party goers to dress as either a Prince, Princess or a Unicorn. Best to wear welly’s or at least take some with you.

Pony rides, Party,

Party Food Ideas

My wife made cute packed lunches for all the children (see photo’s) with little sandwiches made to suit each child, one had ham and tomato sauce! Yuck!

She bought white cardboard lunch boxes from Party Delights and decorated each with unicorn faces, a Unicorn horn and each child’s name written on the back.

Each exciting box was packed with  sandwiches, a strawberry yogurt, a swiss roll, bag of fresh fruit and a packet of Hula Hoops. 

The children could choose their own drink.  The options were

1). Coming in at number 1, we had the child favourite “Fruit shoot”

2). Or the 2nd option was a new, exciting, healthy drink. Still water with a hint of Strawberry and mint. We all know the good old fruit shoot so how did this new drink on the block compare?

The Feel Good Drinks co have launched their Infusions range that boast 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar.

It’s nice to see a company trying to help keep our children healthy and this refreshing drink was popular. I would say around a third of the children took this drink (which isn’t considering the fact that it was up against a strong opposition)!

Although the flavour wasn’t to my taste they do a wide range of other drinks and flavours and all are as natural as drinks come.

Unicorns, lunch box, party,
birthday cake,

Fun things to do

The kids could groom the ponies before the magic started, after all you can’t have a dirty unicorn.

Once transformed the kids could ride the unicorn, and they took turns on either the Unicorn or a Jousting pony.

Walking goats, on a lead!

Fun, timed, obstacle course including moving Maltesers with a straw.

Also a fun group game was played near the end, which they all loved. 


Ideal age group?

games, fun,

This is, in my opinion, ideal for the younger children perhaps between 4 – 9, however I’m sure a slightly different style of party my suit an older group.

Really depends on the child.

Top tips

Check children’s dietary requirements.

Recommend sensible footwear.

Book well in advance. 


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