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Wild Cakes Toy Review – Yummy Cakes – Cute Toys

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Wild Cakes Toy

These luxuriously looking, decadent cakes hide an even sweeter secret. WARNING even though these delicious cakes look good enough to devour, please refrain from doing so. Don’t let the lush aroma of strawberry cake-iness that fills your nostrils trick you, these are squishy toys!!!

For playing with only!

Eliza opened up the packaging with a little help from me (the responsible adult) and instantly wanted to reveal the secret that lay within. The smell from the cake was awesome!!

Once she got over that initial urge to try and inhale the WHOLE thing she went about opening it up and pulling out the hidden toy inside. To be honest, it’s quite hard to get out. She struggled and asked for my help. Of course I could do it but I think for younger children, they will need your help.

To start with, we were unsure what to do with this toy. A cute creature pop’s out but it’s actually attached to the squishy cake.

Luckily Eliza didn’t try to rip it out because it’s supposed to be like that. In fact the squishy part then pushes inside the little creature.

I guess that makes more sense, otherwise children would loose one part or the other.

Her reaction was a typical “AAAHHHHH!!! He’s soooo cute!”

There are 12 cute critters to collect in the series and can be purchased from Claire’s accessories 

  • Material: Rubber/polyester
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years
  • Warning: Choking hazard- small parts

**We were kindly gifted these products to review. This is an honest review and all of the opinions show are of my own.**

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