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World Book Day – Fancy Dress Ideas & Book Reviews

What a great idea, World book day is. 

Do you read with your child? Personally, I have never read SO MANY bloomin’ books in the past few years!! We have so many books that I could actually open up a library. 

Encouraging little ones to put down those damn tablets and picking up books to read is brilliant, especially after all of these stories about children’s safety online.

After all you don’t need to worry about your little cherubs reading a harmless old book, do you? (Unless they happen to grab your copy of Fifty shades?!)

Here are some (SAFE) book reviews that I have written recently.

It’s a kids life 


Wonkey Donkey

Browse our library of other books to look at buying to give you something new to read!

The Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella and Cadpig

Celebrate World Book Day 2019 with this wonderful new picture book, based on the much-loved characters from The Hundred and One Dalmatians.When Cadpig gets lost playing hide-and-seek, she stumbles into the path of evil Cruella de Vil . . . But can her new furry friends help her to escape? £! ONLY!!

Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo

A hilarious short story from Rick Riordan, that unites Percy Jackson with the god Apollo - this edition exclusively for World Book Day 2019 £0.88 ONLY!!

WBD Book: Bad Mermaids Meet the Witches

Once every one hundred years, the mermaids of the Hidden Lagoon and the witches of Sinkville get together for a party! The Top Witch greets the Mermaid Queen, who is wheeled through the streets of Sinkville in a bathtub. Mermaids Beattie, Mimi and Zelda can't wait to meet a real witch, but when Tiga is unexpectedly sucked down the plughole into the Hidden Lagoon before the celebrations even start, things start to go magically, marvellously, megalodon-sharkally WRONG.Sibéal Pounder brings together the characters from her brilliant, bonkers! £0.88 ONLY!!

Oi Goat!

2p ONLY!! Dogs put on clogs, 'gators dress as waiters, and ants put on pants!Frog turns stylist in this boisterous picture book, making all the animals put on their glad rags for World Book Day.

So, you have the book now what?

How about some amazing fancy dress costumes?

I’ve tried to pick out a mixture of great value for money outfits and some extravagant ones for those of you that don’t mind forking out (personally I find that the £££’s we dish out all year on trips, pictures and cake stalls a little much).

Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Matilda Red Bow Hairband

Alice Band Free First Class Postage £3.99

Harry Potter Pack Gryffindor Robe

Wand and Glasses Child's Costume£12

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